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I was just stepping away from the pulpit after finishing my sermon and was looking at the sermon manuscript in my hand rather than picking up the hem of my robe to check on the placement of my feet in relation to the TWO steps down from this raised pulpit (rather than the single step I was used to in other churches), and I stepped off the wrong part of the platform, into empty space without any steps between me and the further-away-than-I-expected floor of the rest of the chancel.

Result? I fell down rather loudly, full length, and twisted and/or banged my right ankle, which DIDN'T leave the dais until after the rest of me had fallen off it.

I just felt bruised and very embarrassed afterwards, so I stood for most of the remaining 20 minutes of the service, and only discovered when I went to walk down the aisle to the back of the sanctuary at the end of the service that my right foot and ankle became suddenly much more painful when I tried to move it that way. I limped to the back of the church, stood to shake hands while my ankle continued to swell, and then oh-so-painfully drove myself home (right foot really did NOT like being flexed at the ankle at all, and it's hard to operate the gas and brake pedals without doing that).

Three hours later I was in enough pain to let my sister take me to the Emergency room for x-rays, and they found some breaks and cracks and put me in a padded boot to immobilize the ankle and foot. The Orthopedist on Monday ordered a CT scan of my ankle, just to make sure, and that couldn't be scheduled before this coming Wednesday, so in the meantime I keep wearing the padded boot and trying to stay off it.

My sister had broken her ankle last winter, so she'd already figured out the best way to get around this house on one leg (sitting on a rolling office chair, pushing off with the good foot and using hands to fend off collisions with walls or furniture, since the halls and doorways are mostly too narrow for a real wheelchair), and she's been doing a good job of taking care of me whenever possible, to limit the number of times and the length of time I have to get myself from the recliner to the office chair to go to the bathroom, kitchen, etc..
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And this just proves how time gets away from me. I kept thinking I needed to wait and reply when I was at my home computer or some such and thus, never got to it.

I was going to yell at you for being a silly woman, not taking care of yourself, when the husband pointed out that he's absolutely certain I would have done the exact same thing. We had a bit of an argument about it and he won. :) Severe independent streak not always a good thing.

I'm very glad to hear you're getting around the house without too much difficulty. The perfect time to catch up on reading, although crochet seems to be your therapy of choice. :)
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I was going to yell at you for being a silly woman, not taking care of yourself, when the husband pointed out that he's absolutely certain I would have done the exact same thing.

Yep! :)

Thanks so much for your good wishes. I'm limping around a bit now, since the results of the CT scan (which I finally got this past Wednesday, a week after the test itself) seemed to confirm that the only NEW break (not counting old breaks that I apparently walked on -- or not -- and let heal not quite right by themselves, rather than seek medical attention at previous times in my life) is a crack in the distal tibia, and as long as I keep my ankle in the immobilizing boot I'm only limited by how much pain I can stand when I try to stand on my right foot. But I'm supposed to keep the boot on for another three weeks, minimum. :(


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