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When the Going Gets Tough . . .

The Tough Crochet Afghans!

Or, "What can you do while laid up with a broken ankle for weeks on end? Why, crochet a king-sized wool afghan for somebody, of course!"

Or, "I have many skills!"

Here are some pics my sister took with her digital camera of the completed afghan (unfortunately, it turned out to be more king-sized than I'd planned, and there's nowhere in our house that we could spread it out full-size).

1) A close-up of the center of the afghan draped over a chair:

afghan chair

2) We probably should've removed the throw pillows before draping it over the loveseat:

afghan couch

3) And here's what it looks like on a merely full-sized bed:

afghan bed

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Beautiful! The different colored insides of the squares is really cool!

Funny thing is that I ended up holed up for months on end (winter and shift-work) years ago and did the same exact thing - though using latch hook, not crochet.

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It really helps to keep from going nuts, doesn't it?

Plus, I discovered years ago that I can crochet and watch TV at the same time without too much difficulty, and that it keeps my hands too busy to reach for snacks. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I've gained about 50 pounds since the last time I got out my crochet hooks and yarn, back around 2002! :)

My sister just dragged up another couple of plastic bins full of yarn from the basement, in order to encourage me to start another such project, while I'm still stuck in my cast and getting frustrated about being unable to garden or go swimming or enjoy other such Labor Day Weekend pleasures with her today. Good thinking, Sis!
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::points to icon::
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It looks gorgeous!

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Thanks! : D

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Wow, it's huge! AWesome job!

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Thank you!

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My but you're talented. You don't want to know what any such attempt by me would look like. Looks like you've got a headstart on Christmas presents this year. :)

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Ho, ho, ho! :)

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Such prettiness!

Someone is going to be very happy to get that!

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Thank you! I hope my Dad will like it, since he gets cold any time of year whenever he sits still for too long, nowadays. One Christmas present down!

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I think he'll love it! Especially since he'll know you spent time on it and it shows. :)
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It's gorgeous!!! I am in awe!

(Now that I'm retired, I make very elementary, very basic-stitches, afghans/ blankets. I retired in January, and so far I've finished one for a friend that I'd started years ago, and have started and finished 3 kid-sized blankets for hospital donations.)

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I only know basic stitches. All of my afghans are made of chain-stitch, single-crochet, and double-crochet, with the only variations being in how I arrange them (like the circular medallion in the center of the central blue square in this afghan, which is just double crochets interspersed with chain stitches, instead of the groupings of three double-crochet with one chain stitch in between, or three chain stitch on a corner, and then I add another row of single-crochet all around to give it a more finished appearance, and use some single crochet in place of double-crochet in the next row in a different color, when I need to 'square the circle').

I've been meaning to see about donating lap-sized afghans and/or baby afghans, since I like to crochet but have a limited number of people to whom to give the finished products, by this time. Thanks!
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Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. That is just lovely. All I do when I'm sick is watch movies. You've got some crazy skills and initiative.

heather mooney tremendous

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I have to thank my sister for putting my time to such good use!

I had gotten out of the habit of crocheting to keep my hands out of the snack foods while watching T.V. in recent years, but still had huge rubber-maid containers full of never-used yarn and half-completed projects that I'd been moving around from house to house without opening since the early 2000s, so Sis dragged them up from her basement one by one, asking if I couldn't put them to use while forced to be off my feet (and, if I wasn't going to use them, then couldn't she donate them to Good Will or something, rather than let them sit taking up space for another 10 years?). With that motivation, I finally got cracking again and rediscovered my enjoyment of that simple craft.

Since completing the afghan above, I've slowed down a bit (as I regained some of my ability to stand and walk without too much discomfort), but I've still turned out a quick 'baby blanket' in complimentary colors for our new dog (who actually makes use of it as a comforting surface to lie or or something to burrow under) and a large lap-sized afghan in ordinary polyester yarn that my Dad said he'd like to have to cover his lap and feet when he's sitting in his recliner.

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That is just awesome. I'm a big fan of skills that are both artistic and practical (I'm a cook, myself).