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2021-10-17 04:31 pm

Index: RevD's Dubious Poetry and Some Fanfic 'Sticky Post'


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2021-06-29 04:08 am

Index of LJ Posts (since I don't often update here)

Since I rarely remember to copy my posts from my LiveJournal to this journal, here's a directory of quick links to my current calendar of posts and most recently-used tags over on LJ:

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2018-06-02 10:17 am

More saved fics to share . . . including 'Silence of the Lambs'/'Hannibal fic

In addition to the 80 or so file versions of Firefly River/Jayne fanfics I have to share (including all the works of [profile] mik109 and [profile] thefriskyfire/The Frisky Firelily which had been deleted from and two 'lost' works of [profile] gem588, "Stand or Fall" and "Better Than Gold"), I also want to remind anyone who's been searching that I have file copies of the fics of a much-beloved Lecter-fic author, Green Jewels.

I copied all Green Jewels' stories (the ones not found on other sites, anyway) into documents before she took them down back in 2012.

I wrote to her when I noticed that "Taking Liberties" had disappeared from, and she told me she was taking them ALL down, so I had warning even before she posted a warning to everyone in place of a final update on "Skin Game". I had time to copy not only every chapter of "Skin Game", but also selections of the more meaty discussions in the many, MANY reviews people had left over the years she was writing it.

"Against Her Will" (an AU taking off from the ending of the film "Hannibal") is the only other fic of Green Jewels' that I copied down because it didn't seem to be available on any other site. The others I made copies of were 'just in case'.

"Taking Liberties" (the prequel to "Skin Game") is still available on another site:, as are a number of other shorter works of hers ( :)
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2018-06-01 12:03 pm

Retrieving some "Rayne" fic awards history for us fans of River/Jayne

Since the website went down (sometime in 2015, though it'd been wonky for some years before that), those of us who occasionally enjoy reading some River/Jayne Firefly fic have not had access to the lists of and links to award-winning and nominated fics that we used to find there.

Because I'm just that obsessive (and hate to lose any more fandom history of any kind), I've been working to piece together the "Blue Sun Fandom Awards", "Best of Rayne", and "Pretty Deadly Awards" lists -- with the last one being the toughest, since we apparently relied entirely on the website to preserve that info and didn't post complete (or even near-complete or partial) lists anywhere else at the time.

The information and links I've been able to acquire over the past couple of weeks are now posted on my LJ under this tag:

Everything that contains my far-from-complete and way-too-spotty information about the "Pretty Deadly Awards" (2007-2010) can be found here:

Same goes for the results of the "Best of Rayne" awards (2005-2007):

And for the "Rayne-adjacent" portions of the "Blue Sun Fandom Awards" (2004-2005):

I have yet to set up individual tags for the actual award categories, but here's how they work out in terms of numbered posts:

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If ANYONE reading this was nominated for a "Pretty Deadly Award" for any year other than 2008 (the only year's ballot I was able to retrieve), please, please, pretty please let me know so I can improve the database I've been trying to patch together.

I'd especially like to have an idea of the nominees for the 2011 PDAs, since the results from that year were invalidated at the request of the one author who won every award that year due to an overly-enthusiastic friend who nominated her fics and repeatedly voted for them all regardless of category.

I'm also still missing the 2010 winners in the best song-fic, best Rayne kiss, and best Jayne-centric categories, as well as almost all the nominees in every category.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
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2017-09-21 09:57 am

I have saved copies of at least 80 "Rayne" Firefly fics no longer on the net

Just in case I forgot to include this information in the entry before last, out of all those hours and hours of downloaded "F" fandom fanfics from in years past, I saved and am willing to share my file copies of 67 stories by The Frisky Firelily and 11 stories by mik109.

The [profile] mik109 fics I have saved are: "She's Not Normal" [incomplete], "A Solid Foundation", "Babysittin'", "Choices", "Deal", "Her Airlock", "Hostage", "Not Looking", "Not Worth the Trouble", "Slinky", and "Spotter".

Thanks to friendly folks on the Rayne_Shippers LJ community, I already had text files of [profile] gem588's no-longer-available (since the crashing of the "Forecast: Rayne" website years ago) fics "Stand or Fall" and "Better Than Gold".

If you're a Rayne-friendly sort of Browncoat and want to read or re-read any of these fics, just let me know and I'll email a file copy to you.
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2017-09-20 09:51 am

"Chiaroscuro" website of MissMurchison's fic is malfunctioning, BUT . . .

While trying to access some older (ca. 2003) works of my friend and beloved Buffy-'verse author [personal profile] missmurchison earlier today I discovered that her "Chiaroscuro" website is no longer available. It's not just her Spuffy fics that I love, but also her 'Spoyce' (Spike/Joyce -- surprisingly satisfying pairing!), her 'Spara' (Spike/Tara), and all the other pairings and threesomes she's written.

HOWEVER, my panic at this discovery was quickly ended by learning that the Wayback Machine web archive still seems to have multiple saved versions of ALL the pages and all the fics on that website, saved up through what I think were the most recent updates to the site in 2007 (see

So if you're a fan of Miss M's work and want to re-read the entire "Chiaroscuro" saga or some of her other choice Spuffy, Spara, and Spoyce (etc.) fics, be not dismayed! I bring you tidings of joy.

Just set the Wayback Machine for "Awesome", Sherman! :)
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2017-04-20 09:41 am

If you're looking for a story deleted from sometime since 2013 . . .

A new friend over on the Rayne_Shippers LJ community gave me a link to chase down, in case I wanted to work on trying to recover some 'Firefly' fanfics that have been removed from and even from LJ:

Fair warning: the files are arranged alphabetically by category/fandom, and after that by author, and in order to get 80 deleted 'Firefly' fics, I had to wait over an hour for the massive "F" zip file to download onto my laptop, and then it took around 18 hours to extract all the files in that zip file so I could find the 'Firefly' ones. I finally wised up and cancelled the extraction process before it got to 'Full Metal Alchemist' stories, since I was only going to delete those anyway, and then deleted all the fics that preceded and followed 'Firefly', in order not to take up so much space on my computer.

The deleted fics I was looking for and was able to find (there were many that were deleted prior to 2013-15 when these files were grabbed) were written by [profile] mik109 and [profile] thefriskyfire, but if you're interested in missing fics from other fandoms, it might be worth your while to take the time to download and unpack a mega zip file or two. :)
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2014-09-27 09:36 am
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Our New, Funny-Looking Cat Hogs the Bed

My sister is evil.

I know this probably goes without saying, but just in case, let me reinforce this inevitable truth: My sister IS EVIL!

As evidence, let me tell you the sad tale of our new house pet.

Sister convinced me to welcome yet another little furry creature into our house as a short-term foster pet, which is how I became acquainted with Tillie, a possible Cairn Terrier-mix who's not yet three years old but has a cat-like fondness for sleeping in close proximity to her humans about 20 hours a day, with short bouts of incredibly energetic play in between lengthy, lazy naps.

In addition to Tillie's agreeably cat-like habits, I soon discovered that her scruffy hair-like coat doesn't shed as much and doesn't trigger my allergies at all (so far!) . . . which is a good thing, considering that Tillie quickly decided that my little twin bed, with its handy access to a sunny window, is the optimal place to sleep most of the time:

Funny-Looking Cat )

As of yesterday, I've added my signature to the shared adoption papers to make Tillie (or, as Sister wants to call her, "Queen Mutt-Tilda I") our very own.

So, . . . EVIL, right? :)
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2014-09-07 01:03 pm
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Goldfinches on Purple Coneflowers

I'm taking it easier on my ankle again today, after having pushed my limits a bit on Friday's Racine outing, but I'm being thoroughly entertained just looking out the window next to my bed, where American Goldfinches have been busy all morning feeding on the seeds in my sister's Purple Coneflowers.

If I had anything other than an older cellphone with which to take a photo, I'd try to catch a pic, but for now I'm just reveling in the beautiful colors and the dainty skill of the finches in clinging to the flowers and industriously picking out the seeds from their cones.

I could kick myself for all the time and money I used to waste on keeping a thistle seed feeder filled for the Goldfinches and House Finches outside my picture window back in Iowa, when I could've just planted some perennial and hard-to-kill native prairie flowers to feed them for free! :)

And speaking of, now I see a red-tinged House Finch joining the Goldfinches. Neat!

For anyone who's not sure what purple coneflowers are . . . )
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2014-09-06 05:16 pm

On the road again . . . at least as far as Racine, WI!

My ankle has been feeling much better lately, to the point where I can limp around in my huge, padded boot/cast without a cane a good bit of the time (as long as I'm inside or on really level ground with hand-holds available should I need them), so I was able to go along with my sister and two friends on a short trip to nearby Racine yesterday, to take advantage of the free art museum admission there on the first Friday of the month. I took my Dad's old walker along to use in walking to and around the museum, just in case, but limped around okay without it for short excursions from the car later in the afternoon.

My sister had been planning this trip as a treat for me for some time, so I was especially glad that I was well enough to go along and get so much enjoyment out of it. Several of the exhibits involved depictions of pop culture or mythical characters in various media, and even though the upstairs galleries were closed yesterday, we enjoyed the exhibits we did get to see -- especially those with sci-fi/fantasy/superhero connections.

We only got to see the Ruffo Gallery portion of the exhibition of pop-up books and art-works (for instance, there was a wall plaque depicting "A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros" for George R. R. Martin/"Game of Thrones" fans), but what we did see was wonderful, reminding us of our favorite pop-up books in childhood (we had one about Robin Hood from 1969, and another from 1968 for Alice in Wonderland, and still another from 1970 on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).

I really enjoyed the gallery notes on this exhibit, as well, tracing the origins of pop-up books back to medieval monks working on ecclesiastical manuscripts! :)

Popular Culture that really POPS )

Here are some of my favorites (photographed by my sister) from the other main exhibit on the ground floor of the museum:

Pop culture icons in ceramic, glass, and needlework )

On the way out, we took some time to enjoy the museum's window exhibits of Charlotte Kruk's 'Consumer Couture' recycled art (see also gallery notes here).

'The Politics of Having' )

Then we had a mid-afternoon lunch at Kewpee's Hamburgers, a well-preserved example of the 1950s 'Malt Shop', complete with home-made root beer and incredibly affordable but very tasty burgers and fries that don't start cooking until after you've placed your order.

Pictures of the Racine Kewpee's )

Since Racine is the home of malted milk, I figured I ought to order a chocolate malted as my beverage/dessert, but I'd have been better off going with the much larger and less-expensive root beer float chosen by the rest of our party. The malted was tasty but somewhat gritty in texture, as though the soda jerk had simply smashed some malted milk balls and stirred them into a regular chocolate milk shake as an after-thought, rather than properly dissolving the malted milk powder in the shake. Well, if we ever go there again, I'll know that the root beer with free refill is the local specialty to order instead.

Most of the rest of the day was spent driving around, sight-seeing some Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, enjoying the breeze from Lake Michigan, and window-shopping at the unique shops in downtown Racine.

Even the pouring rain on the drive home couldn't dampen our spirits after all that. :)
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2014-08-31 02:21 pm
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When the Going Gets Tough . . .

The Tough Crochet Afghans!

Or, "What can you do while laid up with a broken ankle for weeks on end? Why, crochet a king-sized wool afghan for somebody, of course!"

Or, "I have many skills!"

Here are some pics my sister took with her digital camera of the completed afghan (unfortunately, it turned out to be more king-sized than I'd planned, and there's nowhere in our house that we could spread it out full-size).

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2014-08-15 03:50 pm
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Pictures of My New Garden

Some pics my sister took of our garden and SOME of our freshly picked produce today.

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2014-08-15 03:08 pm
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RevD "At the Movies"

Just a few quick thoughts on some of the movies I've seen on the big screen with my sister in the past few months, working backwards from the most recent:

Guardians of the Galaxy: Yes, it really is as good (surprisingly good) as people have been saying. Possibly even the most enjoyable Marvel-related movie to come out this year (at least, on the first viewing -- we'll see how it stacks up to repeat viewing).

Divergent: Not a great film, but better than I'd been led to expect from the reviews, and an excellent bargain at a two-dollar ticket price at the budget cinema.

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Lots of Wolverine and double doses of both young and old versions of Xavier and Magneto, with hope for a much better future? What's not to love?

Grand Budapest Hotel: Didn't love it as much as my sister, but it was gripping and entertaining, and the all-star casting didn't distract too much.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Sister and I felt compelled to see this the first week it came out, in order not to be spoiled by watching the upcoming episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on TV, but in spite of feeling somewhat manipulated we DID enjoy every minute (well, except for the too-long chase scene with Nick Fury in the early part of the film, which left too much time for thinking about other things) and found it a worthy follow-up to the much-loved first Captain America and Avengers films.

Frozen: Admittedly, we might not have gone to see this even at the budget cinema if we hadn't had a friend's grand-daughter to act as our 'beard' (we could claim we were only seeing it to keep young Lucy company, all six of us adults in the party!), but we were both impressed (read, 'blown away') by the quality of the animation, the story-telling, and (of course!) the songs. And it enabled us to get even more enjoyment out of the various versions and parodies of "Let It Go" on-line (including Arthur Darvill's "I am not Rory!" version, which is hilarious).

And that's all the movies I can remember, for now (not counting the many, many films we got on DVD from the library while we were getting by on digital antenna broadcast TV only for the past six months). :)
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2014-08-15 02:35 pm
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'RevD is alive and well and living in Wisconsin'

Okay, so it's been six months since I last posted anything, anywhere, pretty much. And I'm sorry for that.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the highlights: Six Months in Six Minutes (or Less) )

So, except for the broken ankle and current lack of mobility, life is going okay for now. We all still miss my mother every day, but we've drawn closer to one another and made some positive changes in all our lives as we deal with our loss.
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2014-02-12 02:14 am
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Safely arrived in Wisconsin

Just a quick note to thank all of you who've been so supportive as I try to come to terms with my mother's sudden death on Monday, and to let you know that I'm okay, so far.

I got a late start leaving Nashville this afternoon, but I arrived safely at my sister's house at 12:30 AM, and now I'm just trying to decompress.
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2014-01-18 06:17 pm

one-shot ficlet, "COUNCIL BLUES" (BtVS/Undercover Blues)

I caught a re-run of the 1993 film "Undercover Blues" on cable this morning (my umpteenth re-watching of this film, which remains one of my perennial favorites), while I was enjoying a lazy day in honor of my birthday, and I was suddenly inspired to write a quick Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fic based on that film.

If you've never seen the film, I highly recommend that you DO see it at your earliest convenience, and this fic probably won't make much sense without at least a passing familiarity with the characters and situations.



Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or the 1993 Dennis Quaid/Kathleen Turner film "Undercover Blues", but I'm celebrating my birthday today by playing with their characters and situations. This one-shot is written for my own enjoyment only, not for profit, and blessed is the one who takes no legal offense at me! :)Read more... )
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2013-12-27 06:38 pm
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movie review: "Dhoom 3"

I'm still eager to see "Saving Mr. Banks", but I took the opportunity today to see the Bollywood heist flick "Dhoom 3" instead, for fear that it might not still be playing at my local multiplex when I get back from my trip to Wisconsin this coming week.

First, let me say that I strongly recommend "Dhoom 3", though it doesn't get really compelling from a character standpoint until after the Intermission. For the first half of the film, you're saying, "Okay, Bollywood action flick set almost entirely in downtown Chicago -- that's different, but not all that intellectually stimulating, perhaps." But then . . . THE TWIST!

It's only after the Intermission that you realize that the actor playing the thief who's being hunted by Detective Jai Dixit and his sidekick Ali (the pride of the Mumbai police force, and on loan to Chicago to catch a crook who leaves taunts in Hindi) this time around is actually a lot more than an athletic body and a broody face.

possible spoilers )

It actually kept me guessing and surprised me a couple of times before the ending. If you're up for an action flick that includes a couple of very athletic dance numbers, with some character surprises in the second half, then this might be the film for you.

Oh, and be sure to stay through the ending credits, because the scenes never shown during the film that are screened behind the credits are just adorable!
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2013-12-26 08:18 pm

SV fic: "The Biological Progenitor Trap" (2/?)

Okay, so there's still no actual Chloe and/or Lex appearing in this chapter, but after this, I PROMISE there will be actual Lex, Chloe, and possibly Clark. It's taken a while to lay out the back-story, but we're nearly there.

For summary and disclaimers, see the Prologue.


Chapter 1: "The Other Generation"

Read more... )

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2013-12-25 06:38 pm

Trying my hand at "Smallville" fic: "The Biological Progenitor Trap" (1/?)

Since I had a preaching job last night (Christmas Eve, you know!) and won't be driving up to Wisconsin to celebrate with my family until next week, I decided to use my free time today to finally revise and post the first installment of a new fic I've been working on.

Surprise! I'm writing again! It's a holiday miracle. :)


Summary: In the 32nd century, Brainiac Six (the young, partly organic offspring created by Brainiac 5, using the preserved genetic material of two humans with Kryptonite-enhanced healing abilities to supplement his own inorganic code) watches one too many ancient Disney films from the archives and decides to use a 'borrowed' Legion ring to go back to the early 21st century and try to spring his own version of "The Parent Trap" on his unwitting ancestors: Chloe Sullivan and Lex Luthor.

Author's notes, disclaimer, and dedication )


Prologue: "Parenthood"

Read more... )

Chapter One: "The Other Generation"