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My sister is evil.

I know this probably goes without saying, but just in case, let me reinforce this inevitable truth: My sister IS EVIL!

As evidence, let me tell you the sad tale of our new house pet.

Sister convinced me to welcome yet another little furry creature into our house as a short-term foster pet, which is how I became acquainted with Tillie, a possible Cairn Terrier-mix who's not yet three years old but has a cat-like fondness for sleeping in close proximity to her humans about 20 hours a day, with short bouts of incredibly energetic play in between lengthy, lazy naps.

In addition to Tillie's agreeably cat-like habits, I soon discovered that her scruffy hair-like coat doesn't shed as much and doesn't trigger my allergies at all (so far!) . . . which is a good thing, considering that Tillie quickly decided that my little twin bed, with its handy access to a sunny window, is the optimal place to sleep most of the time:

Funny-Looking Cat )

As of yesterday, I've added my signature to the shared adoption papers to make Tillie (or, as Sister wants to call her, "Queen Mutt-Tilda I") our very own.

So, . . . EVIL, right? :)
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Okay, so it's been six months since I last posted anything, anywhere, pretty much. And I'm sorry for that.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the highlights: Six Months in Six Minutes (or Less) )

So, except for the broken ankle and current lack of mobility, life is going okay for now. We all still miss my mother every day, but we've drawn closer to one another and made some positive changes in all our lives as we deal with our loss.
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Just a quick note to thank all of you who've been so supportive as I try to come to terms with my mother's sudden death on Monday, and to let you know that I'm okay, so far.

I got a late start leaving Nashville this afternoon, but I arrived safely at my sister's house at 12:30 AM, and now I'm just trying to decompress.
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My thanks to all of you who've kept a good thought for my family over the past week.

Dad was allowed to come home from the hospital this afternoon, and he's definitely in better shape than he was earlier this week. Therefore, we're going ahead with plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house tomorrow noon.

I'm very thankful for this, and for all the kind thoughts and words. :)
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My mother and sister drove down from Wisconsin last Friday to spend five days helping me clean house (and do some local sight-seeing) and headed out very early this morning. They're now home safe, and I'm congratulating all of us on getting along so well and getting so much done.

Yes, there were a few hiccups during the visit (like my mother bundling up all the winter clothes I'd set out -- intending to replace the summer clothes currently taking up all the space in my dresser drawers -- and taking them to GoodWill in five bags as donations while I was away preaching for the Hispanic worship service late Sunday morning, because she didn't hear me say repeatedly that those were NOT discards and not to touch them), but we all managed to stay civil and have some fun times together.

And I'm trying to look on the absence of so many of my sweaters and turtlenecks and heavier slacks and jeans as an opportunity, rather than a shortage. Now I have the fun of trying to figure out what's left to wear, with so many of my tried-and-true favorite outfits for cold weather no longer available!

Positive mental attitude, here -- that's the ticket!


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