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I've fallen behind in my movie reviews for September through November (partly because I've seen relatively few movies during that period, and partly from sheer procrastination), so here's a quick, largely SPOILER-FREE run-through of the films I've seen in the theater lately, starting with the most recent:

Krrish 3 )

Thor 2 )

Gravity )

The World's End )

Riddick )

White House Down )
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[Note: BtVS/Stargate SG1 crossovers, Other SG1 Crossovers, and BtVS/AtS crossovers not involving SG1 are posted separately. Someday, I hope to have a listing of non-crossover fic recommendations to post, mostly based on favorite pairings, but for now I'm tackling the much less daunting task of compiling a list of those few crossover fics that I've read and enjoyed which didn't involve SG1 and/or BtVS.]

Updated 8/16/18


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Though I may not have been as enthusiastic as I could have been about my first viewing of "Star Trek: Into Darkness" back in May (see my original review), my love for that film has only grown with each repeated viewing.

However, yesterday's 3:30 PM screening at my local multiplex seems to have been the last showing of ST XII in the Nashville area for the foreseeable future, unless it comes back to the second-run discount theater later on. So, I'm glad I was able to see it on the big screen, one last time, with a pretty good-sized audience of fellow Trek fans.

I only wish I'd had MORE opportunities to see this latest Trek film in the theaters, since I would happily have PAID to see this film at least as many times as I did last summer's "The Avengers", if only it had stuck around as long. As it is, I guess six times will have to suffice me, until it comes out on DVD.

In other film news, I also took in the following films over the past several weeks (brief review notes included -- no spoilers!):

Despicable Me 2 )

The Heat )

Epic )

Fast & Furious 6 )
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I finally got around to seeing "Star Trek: Into Darkness" in the theater yesterday and was pretty well satisfied, though it definitely covered some familiar ST:TOS and original series movies territory. Still, it mixed the familiar elements around in some truly interesting and entertaining ways. And I'm fond enough of ALL the new Enterprise officers (including the more mobile Christopher Pike) AND their relationships (yes, I dig the Spock/Uhura, among other things) that I'll be happy to spend further time in their company, on repeated viewings of this film.

All told, I can honestly recommend this film, though my first impression is that I don't think it's going to change anyone's life or open any new fields of philosophical debate.

Now, if you haven't yet seen it and want to, please stop reading here.

If you HAVE seen it already, then ON TO THE DETAILED COMMENTS!

First, let's talk about some of the familiar elements:

Terra Cognita: Here there be SERIOUS and UNREPENTANT S.P.O.I.L.E.R.S... )

And then there's the stuff that's definitely unique to this particular alternate universe version of Kirk, Spock, and the others:

The Somewhat Undiscovered Country: Here Lie More SPOILERS Galore! )

And I have to say that I love the fact that because of -- or more often, it seems, IN SPITE OF -- her romantic relationship with Spock, this version of Uhura has become an essential part of the core group dynamics, as well as someone who's just as likely to beam down or rush in to save the day as Kirk, Spock, or McCoy.

In TOS, the central emotional dynamic was the dyad of Kirk-Spock or the triad of Kirk-Spock-McCoy, in most cases, with Scotty sometimes thrown in to make a fourth for Bridge as the need arose.

But in this new iteration, we get a powerful new version of the Kirk-Spock, and a neat twist on the old Kirk-Spock-McCoy dynamic, but we also get a few moments of Spock/Uhura and a good deal more of Kirk-Uhura-Spock (which can involve Kirk and Uhura briefly bonding over the difficulty of relating to Spock, at times, or Spock and Kirk bonding over the difficulty of backing Uhura's play without being over-protective and having to face her wrath), and even some pretty high-quality Kirk-Spock-Uhura-McCoy. I like that! :)

Plus, there's just something about Zachary Quinto's 'baby-face' version of young Spock that makes me want to pat (or pinch) his cheek at times! So adorable!

All in all, I found a lot more to love in this movie than I'd expected, after hearing some of the reviews.
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Picking up where my previous post left off, here are the remaining eleven 'days' for your enjoyment, critique, or total ignoring, as you choose.

30-day TV Meme (Days 20-30):

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Here's my version of the first 19 days of that 30-day TV meme that's been going around, just because!

30-day TV Meme (days 1-19):

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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Day 05 - A show you hate -- 'reality' shows of any type, usually )

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This blog review of the recent Star Trek movie was posted back in May, but I've only just seen it, thanks to a friend who forwarded the link and recommended a quick scroll to the bottom to check out the Star Wars (original trilogy only, please!) to Star Trek (2009 reboot) parallels, even if I didn't want to read the whole thing.

a few caveats about the earlier part of this blogger's ST vs. SW comparisons )

But, as my friend had suggested, I did find this bit of the blogger's analysis of the movie fairly amusing:

. . . The characters, the relationships, the technology: It’s pure Star Trek.

But the story?

Come on! Does any of this sound familiar?

A farm boy who likes to zoom around on a sort of landspeeder stops and gazes up wistfully at a starship.

That farm boy is encouraged by a veteran warrior, who tells him about how great his father was.

The bad guys blow up planets. We watch this happen in an excruciating scene, where a hero must cope with the death of his home and the people he loves. After the destruction of one world, we know that the climactic scenes will involve the attempted destruction of another.

The cocky hero is chasing the same girl as the more principled hero. And the audience is rather surprised by who she ends up with at the end.

The secondary hero must learn to break his code and “have faith.”

The climactic sequence involves a ship blasting itself free from the destructive power of an explosive calamity.

It all ends with an award ceremony.

This is Star Wars territory, folks.

As in The Empire Strikes Back, when the hero crash-lands on a remote planet, he steps out of the spacecraft and who is the first person he meets? Why, it just happens to be the wisest mentor he could hope to discover! It’s an ancient and legendary figure with funny ears who will guide him on the path to wisdom! Familiar, this is! Convenient, this is!...

Not really, IMO, but if -- as this blogger suggests -- Star Trek 2009 finally provides a common meeting ground for heretofore 'warring' camps of extreme SW and ST fans, allowing them to co-exist peacefully for at least 2 hours and have something civil to talk about afterward, then who am I to complain?
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First, the Good:

I saw "Unleashed" Saturday afternoon with a friend, merely hoping that this would be Jet Li's own "Hard Target" (my hands-down favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, at least when it comes to re-watchability -- directed by John Woo, and with both Lance Henrikson and Arnold Vosloo as baddies, and Yancy Butler as the maiden in distress) -- a movie that would do justice to Jet Li's martial arts prowess and native charm and also be a well-acted and well-directed and gripping movie.

Not that I don't get a kick out of those dubbed "Fists of Fury" earlier Chinese flicks of Li's that Spike TV frequently shows on Saturday afternoons -- especially the "historical" ones with all the flying and the much greater quotient of humor (I really loved the one where Li's character's MOTHER was also a great martial artist and dressed up as a man for most of the film so she could get into trouble right alongside her son!) . . . . But, by and large, the English-language movies Jet Li has been in so far haven't been all that profound. "Romeo Must Die" was charming and well-done, and I thoroughly enjoyed Li in it, but it was hardly profound in any lasting sense.

But "Unleashed" was really moving and even thought-provoking, and Li's performance as a man who's been so thoroughly dehumanized and abused that he's unable to feel his own pain or anyone else's was thoroughly believable. Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins were appropriately wise and humane (Freeman) and harsh and manipulative (Hoskins) as Li's two opposing mentor-father-figures. And yes, the fights were spectacular, and almost NONE of the violence seemed gratuitous. (I did think that the fight in the narrow confines of a bathroom at one point was just thrown in there for the martial arts fans who didn't come to see plot or character development, but apart from that one sequence, it all seemed pertinent and necessary.)

I highly recommend this film for anyone who's struggled to overcome their own damaged past, or who's worked with others dealing with the challenge of breaking out of the abusive but familiar cycles of their upbringing in order to make better choices in the future and recover their human dignity and ability to truly feel and grieve their pain. Plus, there are lots of cute and funny bits, centered around Li's growing relationship with Freeman and his step-daughter.

Now, for the So-So:

This category includes both the final actual episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise" last Friday night (I mean the first one, the conclusion of the Terra Prime two-parter, since the supposed series finale was in no way, shape, or form worthy of being counted as an "Enterprise" episode, in my opinion -- I've already mentally deleted it from the entire Star Trek canon, right alongside the original series episode "Turnabout Intruder," a.k.a. "Captain Kirk, Space Queen") and the Sci-Fi Channel's Saturday night monster-movie-of-the-week, "The Fallen Ones".

The "Enterprise" episode made me cry, as expected, and featured some fine work by all of the cast, as well as the always watchable Peter Weller possible spoilers if you haven't seen the episode yet )

As for "The Fallen Ones", even though it had the cheesy special effects and production values we've come to expect from the Sci-Fi Channel's made-to-order monster flicks, and even though it played a bit fast and loose with the Bible (most of which didn't bother me, except for perpetuating the common, ignorant mistake of referring to the last book in the New Testament as "Revelations," when it ain't no such thing -- it is one singular "Revelation," and no one with even the research skills of a college freshman could keep on making such a mistake), I found that it had a lot more wit and humor than I'd expected (particular when it came to the supporting characters, like the guy whose stronger older sisters apparently taught him to rely on ankle-biting as his primary form of offensive fighting). Plus, Casper Van Dien is still awfully cute to watch, even if he's not up to the acting standards of such TV veterans as Tom Bosley and Robert Wagner. Between this movie and the Saturday-night premiere from a couple of months ago (the one starring two of my favorite "Xena" alumni, Bruce Campbell and Renee O'Connor, as tongue-in-cheek future astronauts fighting giant termite oppressors of humanity), I'm almost ready to admit that not absolutely every TV movie made for the Sci-Fi Channel sucks dead bunnies.

And as for the truly Sucky . . . .

The award goes, of course, to the so-called series finale episode of "Enterprise" last Friday. some episode spoilers follow, in case anyone actually cares )

'Horribly written' would be about the kindest thing I could say about that episode.

An abomination from conception to execution with absolutely no reason to exist and a sorry waste of my last opportunity to spend time with and celebrate the crew of "Enterprise" whom I had, slowly, come to care about and value over the past four years -- that would be a much more accurate description of my feelings and thoughts.

As I indicated above, I will make all haste to repress the memory of that entire episode as thoroughly as I have tried to repress the memory of "Turnabout Intruder" from the original series.

Which, in a weird way, is an indication of how much I really have come to care about "Enterprise", especially during this last and finest season. I can't think of any episode of "The Next Generation" that pissed me off so much -- and NOT because there weren't a few dreadful episodes of that series that I truly despised when I saw them, but rather, because I never became as invested in that series as a whole.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for the under-dogs of the Trek universe, and Next Gen was just too sure of itself and powerful in being, for so much of its run, the only game in town for Trek fans, whether we always liked it or not.

Yes, "Deep Space Nine" remains my undisputed favorite among the modern Treks, but particularly after the unmerited abuse it suffered at the end of its run, "Enterprise" from now on will have a special place in my heart (minus the offending final episode, of course).
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. . . especially the Mirror Universe episodes of the past two Fridays.

I keep forgetting to mention, but I continue to get a kick out of this final season of "Star Trek: Enterprise", in spite of the relatively slow pace of developments on the Tripp-T'Pol front (loved Tripp being the only male immune to the Orion women's pheromones, through his enduring telepathic bond with T'Pol, though I wish they'd quit with the Junior High "punching-each-other-on-the-arm-and-running-away" method of dealing with their mutual attraction -- but then, I suppose they wouldn't be Tripp and T'Pol, if they weren't making with the verbal fencing most of the time).

And I thought the latest two episodes, with the different opening and closing credits with darker music and mood in keeping with the darker and more hostile nature of humanity in the Mirror Universe (much as Joss Whedon did with the alternate universe opening credits in the "Buffy" episode "Superstar") did a really interesting job of planting a plausible history for the Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror" and the backlash that led to the enslavement of Terrans that we encountered a century later in the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" crossover episodes in seasons 3 through 7. possibly spoilerish comments about the episodes )

Or maybe I'm just reading WAY too much into this. It happens!


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