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The subject line pretty much says it all:

1) We're officially into the hot summer weather here, and have been continuously warmer than I care to be for well over a week and a half now, with daily temperatures in the mid-90s F.

2) I seriously despise this hot, humid weather (not least because I know it's only going to get worse and worse throughout the summer, and that it'll last through October, at least).

3) BUT on the 'plus' side of the balance sheet, I picked a handful of ripe yellow cherry tomatoes from my garden this weekend and also got to eat this year's first handful of ripe red and yellow raspberries from my berry patch.

It turns out that the SunSweet tomato plants -- which I'd initially received by mistake instead of the SunGold I ordered and which required a much longer time to produce fruit than the very zippy SunGold -- were actually a day ahead of the SunGold in producing ripe fruit, thanks to their 3- or 4-week headstart while I was waiting for the replacement SunGold plants to arrive and then for the time and decent weather needed for me to plant them.

So . . . I guess the sunshine and warm weather do serve some constructive purpose.


And it's not all that bad just yet, or I wouldn't have been able to spend almost an hour outside just before lunch on Saturday, weeding around my tomatoes and between the raspberry canes. There's nothing quite so motivational (when it comes to getting me to actually weed something) as realizing that all the Creeping Charlie and other invasive weeds were making it impossible for me to find the ripe berries that were already hiding back there.

It was just fortunate that I'd gotten most of the overgrown berry patch weeded BEFORE I pulled up a fistful of weeds on the shady end of the garden and found I'd also grabbed the discarded, slightly dried up skin of a molting SNAKE (it was just a little one, judging by the width of the skin, but it was long enough to give me the heebie-jeebies and make me instantly decide that I'd weeded enough for this weekend and that next time I'd better wear my garden gloves when I pull weeds, no matter how much I prefer bare hands for distinguishing weeds from food-producing plants!).
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posted by [identity profile] at 11:18am on 07/06/2011
Glad to hear your gardening efforts are doing well this year. I've got raspberries, but I'm very jealous you have tomatoes already. I don't even have blooms on mine yet. Although, in my defense, it was so wet here for a while that I was unable to plant.

On the upside, my zuccinis and cucumber plants are flourishing and I've got blooms on them. Yay!
posted by [identity profile] at 08:23pm on 07/06/2011
Hurrah for the prolific and reliable zucchini and cucumber plants! :)

I've given up trying to grow anything except for berries and tomatoes, since my 'row crops' are inevitably overcome by the weeds and the poor soil in my backyard, so I envy your zucchini patch, especially.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:31am on 08/06/2011
Unfortunately, we don't have enough space to do 'row crops' but we've done them in the past at the in-laws, but I find it hard to find time to drive out there and take care of everything.

My zucs and cucumbers are actually in large planters on the porch along with some smaller ones with lettuce and baby spinach. I've found that it's easier to control that way. I've grown tomatoes like that for years, but this is the first for the zucs and cucumbers. I'll let you know how they turn out!


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