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Firefly, BtVS and BtVS/Crossover Fanfics (last updated 6/28/13)

‘Firefly’ (Non-Cross):

"'Serenity' Nights"
'Jayne and the Dragon Princess: A Bedtime Story' by Inara Serra* (romance/fable, pre-Rayne; December 2011)
'Jayne and the Boastful Badger: A Bedtime Story' by Malcolm Reynolds* (fable/humor, pre-Rayne; January 2012)
'River and the Man-Ape Curse: A Bedtime Story' by Simon Tam* (fable/humor, pre-Rayne; January 2012)

“The 'Poet' They Call Jayne” (romance/humor, Rayne; November 2011)
'Jayne's a Poet, And River Didn't Know It' (1/3)
'The River Strikes Back' (2/3)
'There Once Was a Poet Named Jayne . . .'(3/3)

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (Non-Cross):

“New Employee Orientation to Hell” (humor; March 2011)
Chapter 1/4
Chapter 2/4
Chapter 3/4
Chapter 4/4

'Buffy'/'Angel'/'Xena'/'Hercules' Crossovers: “Not-So-Blithe Spirits” series (Or see the series posted on Twisting the Hellmouth for all four stories in their entirety)

I. Even Archangels Get the Blues (BtVS/X:WP; March 2007)

II. Apocalypse, Now and Then (AtS/Hercules/Xena; April 2007-March 2011):

1. ‘To Send a Message’
2. ‘Waste Not, Want Not’
3. ‘War...What is it Good For?’
4. ‘Dying is Easy; Comedy is Hard’
5. ‘Apokalypsis, or Dropping the Veils’
6. ‘Working Out Your Own Salvation’
Epilogue: ‘A Little Apocalypse, Now and Then’ (or ‘Story Teller, Revisited’)

IIIa. What Are Very Old Friends For? (AtS/H:tLJ; March 2011)


IIIb. The Trouble with Archangels (AtS/BtVS/H:tLJ; November 2011)

Fanfic-Inspired Poetry (of a kind!) and Song Lyric Parodies

BtVS/'Dr. Who': (written for [ profile] keswindhover)
Anya and Tara's Mystic Mamas Detective Agency and the Case of the Missing Memories -- Donna Noble comes to Sunnydale to try and regain something she’s lost (written in August 2008).

BtVS/'Underworld': (posted for 5th Annual International Day of Femslash)
Anya and Tara's Mystic Mamas Detective Agency and the Unlikely Case of the Mid-Lycan Crisis -- On the strength of Donna Noble's recommendation, Lucian comes to Sunnydale seeking guidance for the rest of his immortal existence, now that his revenge has been accomplished through Selene and Michael (written in July 2012).

BtVS/AtS: (mostly written for [ profile] missmurchison)
A Poetic Tribute from Spike (to a fanfic author who always gives him a good work-out) (October 2006)

Nancy Murchison and the Case of the Missing Scotch (with a nodding tribute to Nancy Drew and her sleuthing gal-pals, as well as the recently released Firefly movie "Serenity"; October 2005)

Look for the [Vampire Slayers] Union Label (October 2004)

Buffy/Spike/Angel threesome 'poetry' (May 2004), or see the following individual links:
1) Mayonnaise (with a bit of a crossover nod to Good Eats)
2) A Threesome (English Perpendicular Style) (or see the even more explicit revised version here)

Limericks written to while away the time waiting for one of the final first-run episodes of AtS (April 2004)

BtVS Crossovers:
Musicals of Lerner & Loewe: My Fair Spikey? (sort of Spike/Giles; March 2005)

Cary Grant movie “Father Goose": The 'Pater Goose' (or ‘Father Gruesome’) theme song in honor of post-AtS Spike (October 2004)

'Firefly'/'Chronicles of Riddick' crossover:
The Genius of Jiverick (in honor of the River/Jayne/Riddick threesome fic series by [ profile] goddessofbirth; March 2011)

'Firefly (River/Jayne): (written in honor of Firefly fanfic by [ profile] goddessofbirth)
A Trio of Rayne Limericks (March 2011)

Learn to Read with River and Jayne: A Child’s Garden of the Not-Really Perverse (Aug.-Sept. 2010):
1) Naptime Fun with River and Jayne
2) Naptime Safety with River and Jayne
3) Sleep Deprivation with River and Jayne
4) Naptime Hide-and-Seek with River and Jayne
5) Taking Turns with River and Jayne

An Ode on the Feast Day of St. MacGyver (revised Sept. 2010 for the 25th anniversary of the series' premiere)

Miscellaneous Bits of Doggerel (not related to any particular fandom, really)

The ABCs of Pretty, Pretty ManFlesh (Nov. 2011)

'The 12 Days of Advent' for Adjunct Professors Nearing the End of the Semester (Dec. 2010 revision), or see the 'original' version from Nov. 2004

“RevD and the Harley Man” (Sept. 2004)
Stanzas 1-4
Stanzas 5-7
Stanzas 8-12

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring from the Allergy Sufferers’ Version of The Mikado (April 2004)
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