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Warning: These are my own notes, made for the purpose of reminding myself what I've read and particularly enjoyed in the way of Stargate/Buffy crossover fics, so there may well be MINOR (for the most part . . . I hope!) SPOILERS contained in just SOME of the descriptions below. So, I'd advise you to skip reading the descriptions and just click on the links to check the stories out for yourself, if you're extremely concerned about plot or relationship spoilers. Otherwise, please enjoy this very incomplete listing of some of the stories I've enjoyed reading and re-reading over the years!

See also my list of SG1 crossover fics UNRELATED to BtVS, as well as the list of BtVS crossover fanfic faves UNRELATED to SG1 for all other BtVS crossovers, and list of favorite crossover fics unrelated to BtVS or SG1.

LARGE FONT indicates stories I've re-read and enjoyed multiple times.

[last updated: 5/15/18]


Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fics not on TtH:

SGA -- SINEYA'S WORLD by Sarhea (Teyla's team encounters a world unlike any other in the Pegasus Galaxy, populated mostly by very strong women descended from exiles from Sunnydale in another dimension; eventual Sheppard/Willow): (or

-- WEIRDNESS IS GENETIC by Sherza (WIP, but nearly finished; during the summer after BtVS season 1 Xander discovers that Jim Ellison from Cascade is his real father, then Xander's spirit animal leads him to a newly awakened Sentinel in Colorado Springs, Clone!Jack, for whom he's meant to be the Guide; Season 2 of BtVS starts out much more promisingly, with Sentinel Jon and Guide Xander added to the Sunnydale defense forces, along with a much better trained Buffy, Willow, and Giles, thanks to Jim and Blair): (or

-- GROWING PAINS series by Wren10514 (clone!Jack/Dawn -- 1st story is straight SG1 fic, but there are 3 sequels so far with Dawn and Oz added to the mix; EXCELLENT!):
1) (1 chapter. Jon O'Neill and Cassie deal with a Goa'uld problem at the high school)
2) (4 chapters. With Oz as back-up, Dawn is sent to infiltrate Colorado Springs High, where Willow's sure there's at least one case of possession by a 'Guld' demon. Sparks fly between Dawn and Jon.)
3) (1 chapter. One year after he was created, Jon's DNA starts to break down again and his friends -- both old and new -- rally in support; also, Thor is introduced to 'metaphysical energy 101' by Dawn.)
4) (1 chapter. Jon and Dawn's first date is interrupted by blood and death, which should surprise absolutely no one.)

-- ENCOUNTERS series by Elemnestra Aethelflaeda (Jon O'Neill and Cassie Fraiser have formed their own group of alien-fighting High School friends, leading to interesting encounters and near-encounters when the Scoobies settle in Colorado Springs for a while and wonder how ordinary kids got so practiced at fighting demons when there's no Hellmouth around):
1) (1 chapter. Running late for a demon-slaying, Buffy, Willow and Xander observe from a distance while Jon and friends expertly dispatch a tree-demon that attacks their school field trip)
2) (1 long chapter. An alien/demon incursion at the local mall results in a deepening of the mystery of Colorado Springs for Buffy and Xander, who are too late to witness Jon and company deal with the situation, this time; Jon turns out to have far more access to the power of his Ancient genes than original Jack usually displayed)

-- IN THE GENES by AlecStar (Sam Carter has a 'dumb idea' that could save the Asgard, but she needs to find a woman named Buffy Summers in order to do it, and the Scoobies are Not Amused): [also at TtH:; also on]

-- YEAR IN THE LIFE series by lisaroquin (cross with BtVS & Sentinel, only available in archives now, since author has removed her work from more public sites like TtH): or















Buffy the Vampire Slayer fics at "Twisting the Hellmouth" (completed fics, listed alphabetically by author):

-- FOR EVERY ENDING . . . series by aesop (AtS gang post-NFA turning up with new identities and missing some memories at the SGC; at the end of the first 13K word story they go off-world together, to fight the Goa'uld and live to fight the Wolf, Ram, and Hart on earth again some day):

-- short-fic FAR TOO YOUNG by Ava (Buffy/mini-Jack):

-- short-ish BEYOND HOPE by Ava (Buffy and Selmak become buddies on Netu): (2 very long chapters, but feels like there should've been a 3rd, to be really finished in any satisfactory way).

-- ONLY SKY ABOVE US by Ava (Joyce/Jack; 3 vignette chapters set at the start of an AU season 6 of BtVS, where Joyce didn't die from her aneurysm, and she and Dawn had moved to Colorado Springs just weeks after Buffy's death, where Joyce soon began dating Jack; only technically finished):

-- Funny short-fic, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ by BarefootXO:

-- THE SCARAB by bktheirregular (the Goa'uld Imhotep uses Nishta to recruit demons and vamps as slaves in Sunnydale, but picks a fight with the Scoobies):

-- NEIGHBORS FROM HELL(MOUTH) series by Booster:

-- ALL OVER THE PLACE by Burmafrdnow (Cassie's Calling as one of the new Slayers has SG1 up in protective arms and butting heads with Riley Finn and others 'in the know'; author needs much more proof-reading, but well worth reading anyway):

-- BACK TO LIFE series by Burmafrdnow (Buffy is the catalyst for bringing Janet Fraiser back to life at the SGC, and hijinks ensue):

-- GODS AND THE CHAMPIONS THEY LIKE by Burmafrdnow (A very satisfying coda to JoeB's not-quite-finished She MEANT Everywhere):

-- HERO FOR A NEW WORLD by Captuniv (post-"The Gift" Buffy is transferred to SG1's reality to become the first Goa'uld Slayer, gathers together that world's version of the Scooby gang and Giles, and has fun adventures with the Nox and the Tollan):

-- VISIONARY series by chaoseternus (Buffy, Scoobies, and SG1 unite to foil and humiliate Anubis; if you can get past the bad punctuation and misspelling, it's pretty entertaining):

-- DON'T WALK AWAY by cjsplace (post-"Chosen" Buffy is recruited by Thor and becomes "Kali", cleansing the worlds of evil in an ocean of blood, ending with Buffy/Daniel and a surprising change in the odds during the Angel gang's final battle in the alleyway):

-- A DIFFERENT FUTURE series by Cordyfan (Cordelia's in the army, but gets trained for a future in the SGC after taking part in a joint SGC/USAF/Navy/Marine mission to finally clean up after the Initiative in Sunnydale; Cordy and Buffy then discover they have a lot more in common than they'd thought, and season 5 of BtVS starts to go in a very different direction, now that Buffy's got some actual friends in the military and high places; also crossed with pre-series NCIS; "Someone Else's Mess" and "Fate's Little Plaything" 1 & 2 are finished,with a WIP following the adventures of Dawn and Joyce in a distant galaxy):

-- mostly SGA fic SAVING EARTH...AGAIN by DarkPhoenix (desperately in need of proof-reading, but it has its moments; Buffy is Jack O'Neill's illegitimate daughter and becomes John Sheppard's significant other, while doing the usual world-saving thing):

-- EARLY ONE MORNING by DaveTurner (Willow/Kennedy move next door to Daniel):

-- REQUIEM FOR DAWN series by DaveTurner (very sad, but Buffy/Jack at the end):

-- A BRANE OF EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN series by DianeCastle (very entertaining multi-cross multi-'verse series, crossing and recombining the heroes and villains of HP, BtVS, SG1, Batman, The Secret Life of Alex Mack, and even the original Bionic Woman, with a surprisingly addictive and extra-lengthy third installment that has led to a wealth of spin-off fanfics itself):

-- XANDER AND YET ANOTHER DEMON series by DianeCastle (very entertaining! Xander/Anise/Freya):

-- THREE CORN FED FARM BOYS by DireSquirrel (very entertaining short fic, also crossed with Superman; Cam Mitchell, Riley Finn, and Clark Kent at their college reunion in Kansas):

-- MISUNDERSTANDINGS series by DonSample (ends up with Dawn joining the SGC):

-- short-ish JUST A BOY AND A GIRL by Dulcinea (Willow and Oz spend Career Day foiling the NID):

-- WORTH FIGHTING FOR series by EleriMcCleod (Jack/Faith -- excellent!):

-- THE GIFT OF A FAMILY series by FireDragon (Buffy as Jack's daughter; only the first story in this series is finished, and the writing can be very un-beta'd at times):

-- FALLING series by Freewrite (cross with 'JAG' also; battle of Sunnydale fought by Buffy with assistance from Sam Carter, et al): (chapter 8 of the unfinished 3rd story was only posted on her LJ in 2006:

-- MAP OF THE STARS series by gracerealized (Buffy/Jack dating):

-- THE PHOENIX FILES series by HarmMarie (Spike and mini!Jack join forces to fight evil):

-- SGA fics SGA-RED series by HiltonK (Willow in Atlantis):

-- INFINITY BOX by HMaxMarius (BtVS/ST/SG1; Xander, Willow, and Jesse's imaginary 'Star Trek' ship, with Willow in command, becomes a reality for quite a few of their friends and family, as well, during Ethan's Halloween spell; my favorite 'Ship of the Line' story):

-- DAWN'S NEW JOB by IndraLeigh (badly in need of spell-checking and even a cursory proof-reading, but some cute lines now and then):

-- FAR BEYOND NORMAL series by jAkL (3rd story is an unfinished cross with all incarnations of 'Star Trek', as well, but the first two stories are pretty straight SG1/BtVS and totally complete in themselves):

-- SGA fic THINGS WE TRADE FOR FREEDOM by JediButtercup (Faith/Ronon; after the Alterans reclaim Atlantis, Ronon chooses to accompany Sheppard to earth, and the two of them go on a road trip just in time to give Faith a lift to Sunnydale and help battle the First Evil): or

-- SEE FOR YOURSELF by JediButtercup (Dawn/mini!Daniel; Loki had cloned both Jack AND Daniel, so original!Daniel knows just who to send to check up on reports of strange, cult-like doings at a High School in California ... and the two teens with decades of experience find themselves way out of their depth, between the Summers sisters and the First in the final days of Sunnydale):

-- RING OF THE GODS series by JediButtercup (four collections of drabbles, mostly, with a very extensive one-chapter final story; Buffy/Cam Mitchell): or

-- THE GRAIL PROPHECIES by JediButtercup (Buffy/Daniel):, or

-- STARTING OVER by JediButtercup (SG1's recruitment of Wesley to take dead Daniel's place, as Jack's last alternative to accepting Jonas Quinn on his team; set just after the start of season 6 for SG1 and season 4 for AtS; 6 stories/chapters so far):, or, or

-- AN UNEXPECTED GIFT by Jedibuttercup (Spike's amulet sent to the SGC by Riley, intercepting the attempt to send it back to W&H, and only Daniel and Graham Miller can see and hear Spike; marked complete at 9 chapters, but was supposed to be the first in a series which hasn't materialized since 2006, so far; ends with Spike going off-world for the first time to avoid interference from Kinsey and Angel): or

-- NOT YOUR TYPICAL MILITARY WIFE series (Willow/Jack) by Jinni: (see also contributions by others, including

-- NIGHTMARE REVISITED by JoeB (Buffy is Jack's unknown daughter, accidentally shot by his gun -- but things DO get better!):

-- SHE MEANT EVERYWHERE! by JoeB (Potentials are activated throughout the galaxy, so Buffy et al try to help the SGC help the new Slayers; not quite finished, but Burmafrd/Burmafrdnow has written a very satisfying coda on, Gods and the Champions They Like, so can be read as complete, in a sense:

-- JUST A QUICK MISSION by Joshlamont (very amusing multi-cross, with Rory Gilmore as a Slayer infiltrating the SGC and bringing the Scoobies into conflict with the Goa'uld):

-- COUNTERPARTS. THEN COUNT 'EM AGAIN series by Joshlamont (SG1 keeps encountering Scoobies, first off-world, and then on, and then the wizarding world of HP gets thrown into the mix in the 3rd story. Skip the 4th one, which just focuses on the 'adventures' of the Goa'uld parasite who tried to take over Willow in the first story):

-- KELLEY'S HEROES by jrabbit (Faith and Gen. Hammond get stranded off-world but show up in the nick of time to foil an attempt to open the hellmouth):

-- OVERLAP series by Justaguy (Riley-centric -- 3rd and 4th stories should be read in reverse order):

-- TRICK OR TREAT by Kei (Xander turns out to be anathema to Goa'uld symbiotes, gets taken in for 'testing' at the SGC, tries to keep knowledge of his little Slayers out of the wrong hands, and manages to thumb his nose at the plans of the PTB in the end, while still helping out his new friend Jack O'Neill in the battles against the Goa'uld; no bashing of any Scooby at all, which is a delightful and refreshing change, and this is NOT a "Super-Xander" tale -- merely an understanding, insightful, emotionally evocative, and slightly imperfectly proof-read saga):

-- A HACKING GOOD TIME by Kei (humorous one-shot: Willow the hacker saves the world):

-- NOT ANOTHER KIDNAPPING by Kei (another humorous one-shot -- well, as humorous as Dawn being tortured by an ill-fated Goa'uld while waiting for Faith's inevitable rescue can get, all under the stunned gaze of SG1):

-- MIND-MELDER series by Kennie (Faith/Cam -- 4th story 'Slayers in Space' is a WIP last updated in July 2012):

-- THE SLAYER WALKS INTO A BAR by Kimbclar (Buffy's jump off the tower lands her in Nirrti's lab, where she helps Jacob/Selmac escape and eventually gets cosy with Jack):

-- short-fic THE GETAWAY GIRL by Krisztina (Buffy/Daniel):

-- SGA short-fic TO SEE IS TO DISBELIEVE by LadyVulcan (SGA -- John Sheppard meets Illyria . . . twice!):

-- CONTACT series by LiastraLee (Dawn/Jonas Quinn, with "Roswell" crossover joining the party after the initial story; good, meaty series, with some serious length stories as well as one-shots):

-- PATCHWORK ARC series by LisaRoquin (slashy SG1/BtVS crossover only available in web archive copies now; Xander/Daniel):




-- SENTINEL & GUIDE by LisaRoquin (archived copy of now-removed Sentinel/BtVS/SGA crossover, with Xander as Blair's brother, who turns out to be the much-needed Guide for John Sheppard's newly awakened Sentinel abilities):

-- GODLESS PROVENANCE by Lisette (Buffy's leap at the end of "The Gift" lands her on a Goa'uld ship, and she & Jack bond while prisoners of Sokar):

-- MAGICAL CAGE series by litgal (only the two-chapter humorous sequel set in Sunnydale is slightly Spike/Xander slashy at times, and the main story is also quite good . . . if in need of more proof-reading): or

-- AIRMAN HARRIS by litgal (sweet Xander/Daniel slash, but also offers a very insightful and hopeful alternate version of the last half of BtVS season 5, with some great moments of Buffy learning from and impressing the heck out of Jack, as one commanding officer to another, and Xander getting some pretty good PTSD counseling): or

-- KENDRA WOOD SCHOOL series by LovesBitch (much fun -- mini!Jack enrolled in slayer school):

-- NEW JOB series by MaeveBran (mostly short fics or drabbles, but the 5th and last story "Monkey Business" is a 26-chapter Buffy/Daniel pairing):

-- THE KEY TO BYZANTIUM by MarcusRowland (the Knights of Byzantium aren't quite wiped out yet, and they're tangled up with a Goa'uld who's naturally up to no good):

-- UNLIKELY series by mariah (Giles/Sam -- woke up married in Vegas story is finished, but the sequel dealing with the aftermath was last updated in 2011):

-- GOD, WHY DID YOU LET THOSE TWO MEET? series by Memet (Buffy/Jack friendship)
1) "Tall Tale" --
2) "Happy Pills" --
3) "You've Got to Have Friends" --
0.5) "When Buffy Met Jack" (prequel) --

-- NO SCHWARZENEGGER, THAT'S FOR SURE by methaya (Buffy/Jack):

-- THE ROD OF ASCLEPIUS by MoragMacPherson (Buffy/Tenth Doctor, cross with SG1):

-- SOAP OPERA SCOOBIES by MissE/ObscureEnough (challenge fic; Jack O'Neill has 3 children in Sunnydale, and nobody but possibly Loki knew it):

-- XAN, XAN, THE COURIER MAN by MissE/ObscureEnough (4th Season Xander has a chance encounter with Col. O'Neill, and keeps in touch until after Adam has been dealt with):, or, or

-- VERY FUNNY TRILOGY FROM 2005 by msgordo!:
IT'S RAINING MEN...AND ONE WOMAN [SG1 drops through an errant wormhole into the middle of a Cleveland cemetery, where Dawn assumes they are demons out to get her]
WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH...THE TOUGH SEND A WITCH [Dawn, Faith, Willow, and Xander visit the SGC at the president's request, in order to plan the permanent ass-kicking of Baal and the super-soldiers he inherited from Anubis]
SLAYERS IN SPA-ACE! [Baal gets his humorless bad guy butt trounced by the combined Slayers and SGC forces]

-- DON HO AND THE BORN AGAIN VIRGIN 4-chapter humor fic (Xander and Clone!Jack) by Muffie:

-- DAWNING FAMILIARITY by NotJana (a favorite to re-read: Dawn is Buffy's little daughter, with Jack O'Neill's DNA also, thanks to unsuspected intervention from Loki as well as the Order of Dagon):

-- TEAL'C'S WISH by Nycorson (technically complete, but it ends where season 9 of SG1 ended, with a cliffhanger regarding the big picture as the Ori bring their armies into this galaxy, though Xander and Faith and the gang are all in a good place emotionally): (also at

-- UNEXPECTED series by PaBurke (Robert Makepeace gets a second chance to do the right thing and save the world, after he gets swept up in a jailbreak intended to free only Faith):

-- THE WAY OF THE WOLF series by PaBurke (Oz comes to the SGC's notice just in time to help the long-lost Furling race find a way to heal their divisions and get ready to face down Anubis, with help from Buffy, Spike, and SG1; two lengthy one-shots completed and only four chapters completed of the unfinished and shortest third installment): (see new part 4 here:

-- SUDDEN CHANGES by pezgirl (Willow has a child by Daniel):

-- GATE CRASHING by Phouka's brother (delightful one-shot about Xander accidentally rescuing Cassie Fraiser and receiving a surprising reward from Gen. O'Neill):

-- WAYWARD ANGEL by Polgara (Buffy/Daniel):

-- NO REST series by Polgara (Faith and Buffy staying at a long-unused lake cabin owned by the old Council, which just happens to be not too far from Jack's cabin, and hijinks ensue):

-- BUFFYGATE by Polgara (101 drabbles, Buffy & season 9 SG1):

-- UNDERTOW by Polgara (teenaged Buffy saves Jack from vamp attack in L.A. and they become supportive friends, someone outside their work whom they can talk to about everything; when 25-year-old Buffy shows up on Jack's doorstep, in shock from Dawn being killed in a traffic accident, Jack takes her in, eventually starts to romance her, and gets Buffy to join Dave Dixon's SG-13):

-- HAILEY THINKS series by redrikki (Jennifer Haley):
also on LJ (with sequel): "Hailey Thinks"
and "Lost Tribe"

-- BENEATH THE SURFACE by Revello (Goes AU during "Anne", with Ken's portal taking Buffy to a different planet, instead; many years later, Buffy helps SG1 escape their memory-altered slavery on the ice planet, and Spike is the only one in Sunnydale who really gets her upon her return; effectively finished, as far as I'm concerned, since it ends at a good place for Buffy, Spike, and SG1):

-- REBUILDING series by RudesMom (two unfinished sequels, but the main story about Buffy ending up in another hellish dimension and falling in love Clone!Jack is done):

-- STARTING OVER by Salla (Clone!Jack/Dawn, Jack/Buffy -- fluffy-ish fic in need of proof-reading, but includes Ethan Rayne finally meeting his well-deserved end):

-- THE DEMONCHASERS by Selkie (Xander joins the Air Force as alternative to jail and ends up as a security guard at Cheyenne Mountain, where he's forced to slay a demon with his personal silver dagger and draws the SGC's attention, in time to help train a new Slayer on a world newly infected by vamps):

-- short-ish HOW I SPENT MY ALLEGED SUMMER VACATION by Selkie (Dawn & mini-Jack as camp counselors faced with some vamps and a quickly escalating sharing of info between the SGC and Scoobies):

-- POTENTIAL by ShayneT (Jennifer Haley as Potential targeted by the First Evil; SG1 joins the final battle of Sunnydale):

-- THE IDIOSYNCRACIES OF PREDATORS by Sheilynn (BtVS cross with "The Sentinel" as well as SG1):

-- DEMONS, GOA'ULD, SAME DIFF... by Sheilynn (one-shot, with slightly related sequel; mini-Jack recruited to be a Watcher): (see also

-- sequel A DAY IN THE LIFE OF CRAZY by Sheilynn (Buffy follows up on mini!Jack's advice by slowly driving General Jack crazy at the SGC): (see also

-- THE ESSENCE OF US by Sheilynn (Buffy/Daniel; after Buffy is kicked out of her own house, TPTB merge her 'essence' with the de-Ascended Daniel's, so that he can understand and guide her back on her path):

-- SGA fic REUNIFICATION VIA THE PAGAN-TECH EXPRESS by Sheilynn (sprightly Buffy/Sheppard fic, starting just two weeks after the expedition's arrival in Atlantis):

-- DID YOU KNOW? by ShyBob (amusing short fic, with Andrew's emails vs. SG1):

-- series of drabbles A LITTLE PLANET WE LIKE TO CALL HOME by SpiffyDaWonderSheep:

-- DATING FOR DUMMIES series by Starbug (Jack/Illyria -- 'nuff said?):

-- DAWN SUMMERS, MARINE by tals (English is only the author's 3rd language, so the story has a lot of autocorrect spelling mistakes, but still an addictive read):

-- BRIDGES series by Tassos (Xander as Jack O'Neill's heretofore unknown illegitimate son, post-"Chosen"):, or, or

-- SARCOPHAGUS IN SUNNYDALE series by thecrystalkey:

-- BUFFY CARTER series by theicebear ("Going Home Through a Starry Mirror" & brief sequel; Buffy gets kidnapped to another universe, de-aged and experimented on by a Goa'uld, and becomes Sam Carter's adoptive and partly biological daughter, growing up and flourishing within the SGC family):

-- THE KIDS series by toots (all the BtVS/AtS heroes get a second chance at childhood in another dimension, with Gen. Jack O'Neill as their new father, and SG1 minus Mitchell pitching in on the co-parenting front):

-- WEIRD SISTERS series by Vidicon (Janet Fraiser is Joyce's younger half-sister, reunited after the end of BtVS season 2 through the good offices of General Hammond, in time for Janet and SG1 to help find Buffy in LA and reunite her with her family; 4th story is a WIP, currently):

-- Funny one-shot (so far!) from 2008, FIRST PRIME OF WILLOW by woframhart:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fics at "Twisting the Hellmouth" (UNFINISHED, but still good; arranged alphabetically by author):

-- THE LOST SON by Abby (Xander IS Charlie O'Neill, stolen by the government to motivate Jack to go on the suicide run to Abydos; unfinished at 30 chapters since November 2007, this was the story I was beta-ing):

-- A CHANGE IN THE WEATHER by AndreaB (Buffy/Jack):

-- SUNNYDALE CYLONS AND THEIR TOASTER LOVERS by Absence (also a cross with new BSG; YAHF SotL challenge fic, where Cordy dresses as Caprica Six and Xander as Helo, and they bring Sharon, Hera, and the centurions into existence with them; what else can they do but go into the tech business?):

-- COMMON GROUND by ankhesenamen (Daniel as Buffy's birth father; Slayers are being kidnapped by Baal; the plot was just really getting going when this story left off at chapter 23 in 2006):

-- THE GRACE OF FATE by Ava (BuffY starts flirting with the hospitalized Cam Mitchell after the battle with Anubis; last updated July 2011):

-- THINGS TO DO IN COLORADO SPRINGS WHEN YOU'RE BORED by becuzitswrong: (unfinished since 2010, with Buffy about to ascend to near-godhood, but still enjoyable to re-read, with a lovely Buffy/Graham Miller romance budding)

-- LIFE'S ENDING, LIFE'S BEGINNING by becuzitswrong (A long-time favorite for re-reading; Buffy at the Air Force Academy, mentored by Jack O'Neill . . . who also starts dating her mother): (occasionally updated, still -- most recently 2/15/14, 2/22/14, 3/6/14, and 8/13/16, with the last few updates before that coming more than a year apart). See also brief 'companion' stores for this series written by Ponder:

-- DIVINE JUSTICE by CharlotteB (Dawn approaches Daniel Jackson to be her dissertation advisor, and the SGC and Slayers get together as a result; unfinished at 14 chapters since 2006, but well worth reading and re-reading, anyway):

-- PERPETUAL TUESDAY by Coldhands (reincarnated Buffy and Mini!Jack; stalled at 22 chapters since August 2008):

-- DOING WHAT COMES NATURALLY by DeepBlueJoy (Buffy/Teal'c, Dawn/Mini!Jack; still being updated, with 39 chapters as of December 2012, and another twelve chapters added by March 2015):

-- ARE YOU READY? by DonSample (Cassie as slayer, mini!Jack turns Watcher and eventually starts dating Dawn at university; HAD been stalled at 24 chapters since Feb. 2009, and most of those had been posted before Jan. 2007, but chapter 25 was added Jan. 2013):

-- HEARTS ADRIFT by eponine (28 chapters so far, where Dawn goes to live with Daniel -- who doesn't know she's also his daughter -- during early season 6 of BtVS; last updated in Feb. 2010):

-- UNAVOIDABLE series by Ignotus (4th and final story is stalled at 7 chapters since November 2010):

-- SGA fics SECOND VERSE series by Jaded (kid!fic; Scoobies re-born as children of our heroes, via Ancient tech; two stories complete, third was last updated April 2011):

-- NOT QUITE HEAVEN by Kimbclar (Buffy jumps off the tower, lands on a Goa'uld-controlled planet, leads rebellion, and has a daughter . . . all before SG1 shows up for the first time and lets her know she can come back to Earth for a visit; stalled at 30 chapter since Sept. 2007):

-- CONCEPTION BY CONSPIRACY by Kimbclar (unfinished at 19 chapters since December 2007; the Initiative knocks Buffy up with sperm illegally obtained from someone on SG1):

-- THE FOUNTAIN OF DISCONTENT series by LancerFourSeven (well-written and sexually explicit Dawn/Jon, unfinished but still enjoyable): and

-- FRAGILE EXISTENCE series by Laney (mini!Jack befriends Dawn, Kit, & Carlos; primary story is stalled at 32 chapters since 2010, but there are numerous short stories set in the same 'verse):

-- FATHER GOOSE TALES series by litmouse (only the third story "Secrets" is an SG1 crossover, and it's also the only unfinished story in the series, holding at 22 chapters since 2008):

-- BLOOD BONDS by Memet (3rd season Buffy is orphaned and left in custody of her bio-dad, Jack O'Neill, so that she can fulfill an eons-old promise to free the crystals that power the Goa'uld hand devices; stalled since Feb. 2010):

-- THE CLONE CHRONICLES series by minijo (mini-Jack as student Watcher; stalled since 2008):

-- NEW BEGINNINGS by moonfox (Joyce/Jack; 20 chapters, last updated in 2008; Joyce survived S5 and moved with Dawn to Colorado Springs after Buffy's death, where she meets General O'Neill, who's become Cassandra Fraiser's guardian; meanwhile, Willow's urn of Osiris contains a Goa'uld):

-- THE UNDERGROUND by nannabelle (Buffy/Teal'c -- Teal'c hangs out at a demon bar in Colorado Springs called "The Underground" and starts a romance with The Slayer, with full disclosure on both sides but none of their friends in on it):

-- BODYGUARD BUFFY by PaBurke (technically unfinished, but stops at a good place, with Faith pulled in to guard Sam Carter just as Buffy has been doing for Daniel, and Faith and mini!Jack having a very satisfactory fling):

-- CHANGING THE DEATH TOLL series by PaBurke (Buffy/mini-Jack cross with Star Wars -- sequel unfinished): [see also "Snapshots" collection of out-take vignettes from the sequel story:]

-- WHAT WE ARE series by PaBurke (ghost-Janet and Cassie's student days; 2nd story technically unfinished at 36 chapters):

-- A PLACE TO BELONG by Revello (one of the first "Jack is Buffy's real father" fics I read, I think -- stalled since 2007 at 30 chapters, with Buffy's old and new families poised to follow her into battle on another planet; Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Daniel; in an AU version of early season 6 Buffy learns she's Jack's daughter, moves to Colorado and becomes Osiris' champion, and gets a few nifty perks, finally):

-- ASTRAL ANNE series by Riversong (two completed multi-chapter stories, with third story stalled at one chapter since 2006):

-- DANIEL'S DAUGHTER by Rudesmom (43 chapters as of Dec. 2012, and still being updated; set post-BtVS and at the start of SG1 season 9; Buffy and Dawn move to Colorado Springs, where Buffy dates mini!Jack and Dawn dates an SGC officer; currently leaves off just after the Summers sisters are asking the SGC to sign THEIR nondisclosure agreements):

-- WHAT IF THEY DON'T COME BACK? by Rudesmom (occasionally updated still; Buffy disappeared after season 2 of BtVS and Daniel never came back to the SGC after De-Ascending, but they ended up as benevolent rulers of a Goa'uld world; when the SGC makes more or less hostile contact, Buffy decides it's time to visit earth -- now that she knows where it is -- and settle some old scores with the Watchers' Council and other foes):

-- COLORADO SPRINGS HIGH series by Scorpio: (Xander and Clone!Jack in High School -- really unfinished, since the reason for Xander being de-aged and brought into this reality hasn't begun to become clear when the last and unfinished story drops out).

-- SHIP OF THE LINE: I AM THE STARSHIP by ScottWanderer (not updated since June 2014, but one of my favorite multi-crossover responses to the 'Ship of the Line' challenge, with Xander becoming the avatar of a living super-starship, a la Andromeda and many other sources):

-- DESTINY UP FOR GRABS by Sheilynn (technically unfinished since 2005, but well worth re-reading; Buffy gets a 'reward' from the PTB post-'Chosen', and the SGC ends up with a new warrior):

-- PHOENIX AND FIRE by Sigma (Buffy/Daniel):
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