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I caught a re-run of the 1993 film "Undercover Blues" on cable this morning (my umpteenth re-watching of this film, which remains one of my perennial favorites), while I was enjoying a lazy day in honor of my birthday, and I was suddenly inspired to write a quick Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fic based on that film.

If you've never seen the film, I highly recommend that you DO see it at your earliest convenience, and this fic probably won't make much sense without at least a passing familiarity with the characters and situations.



Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or the 1993 Dennis Quaid/Kathleen Turner film "Undercover Blues", but I'm celebrating my birthday today by playing with their characters and situations. This one-shot is written for my own enjoyment only, not for profit, and blessed is the one who takes no legal offense at me! :)Read more... )
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I'm still eager to see "Saving Mr. Banks", but I took the opportunity today to see the Bollywood heist flick "Dhoom 3" instead, for fear that it might not still be playing at my local multiplex when I get back from my trip to Wisconsin this coming week.

First, let me say that I strongly recommend "Dhoom 3", though it doesn't get really compelling from a character standpoint until after the Intermission. For the first half of the film, you're saying, "Okay, Bollywood action flick set almost entirely in downtown Chicago -- that's different, but not all that intellectually stimulating, perhaps." But then . . . THE TWIST!

It's only after the Intermission that you realize that the actor playing the thief who's being hunted by Detective Jai Dixit and his sidekick Ali (the pride of the Mumbai police force, and on loan to Chicago to catch a crook who leaves taunts in Hindi) this time around is actually a lot more than an athletic body and a broody face.

possible spoilers )

It actually kept me guessing and surprised me a couple of times before the ending. If you're up for an action flick that includes a couple of very athletic dance numbers, with some character surprises in the second half, then this might be the film for you.

Oh, and be sure to stay through the ending credits, because the scenes never shown during the film that are screened behind the credits are just adorable!
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Okay, so there's still no actual Chloe and/or Lex appearing in this chapter, but after this, I PROMISE there will be actual Lex, Chloe, and possibly Clark. It's taken a while to lay out the back-story, but we're nearly there.

For summary and disclaimers, see the Prologue.


Chapter 1: "The Other Generation"

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Since I had a preaching job last night (Christmas Eve, you know!) and won't be driving up to Wisconsin to celebrate with my family until next week, I decided to use my free time today to finally revise and post the first installment of a new fic I've been working on.

Surprise! I'm writing again! It's a holiday miracle. :)


Summary: In the 32nd century, Brainiac Six (the young, partly organic offspring created by Brainiac 5, using the preserved genetic material of two humans with Kryptonite-enhanced healing abilities to supplement his own inorganic code) watches one too many ancient Disney films from the archives and decides to use a 'borrowed' Legion ring to go back to the early 21st century and try to spring his own version of "The Parent Trap" on his unwitting ancestors: Chloe Sullivan and Lex Luthor.

Author's notes, disclaimer, and dedication )


Prologue: "Parenthood"

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Chapter One: "The Other Generation"

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My thanks to all of you who've kept a good thought for my family over the past week.

Dad was allowed to come home from the hospital this afternoon, and he's definitely in better shape than he was earlier this week. Therefore, we're going ahead with plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house tomorrow noon.

I'm very thankful for this, and for all the kind thoughts and words. :)
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Looking back, I realize that I haven't posted a Thanksgiving sermon since the sermonette in 2011, and though I preached on this year's Thanksgiving Day lectionary on November 24th, I must confess that I didn't feel as confident in that sermon's worth.

So, in case anyone's interested, here instead is an off-lectionary sermon from Thanksgiving of 1992:

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I've fallen behind in my movie reviews for September through November (partly because I've seen relatively few movies during that period, and partly from sheer procrastination), so here's a quick, largely SPOILER-FREE run-through of the films I've seen in the theater lately, starting with the most recent:

Krrish 3 )

Thor 2 )

Gravity )

The World's End )

Riddick )

White House Down )
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My mother and sister drove down from Wisconsin last Friday to spend five days helping me clean house (and do some local sight-seeing) and headed out very early this morning. They're now home safe, and I'm congratulating all of us on getting along so well and getting so much done.

Yes, there were a few hiccups during the visit (like my mother bundling up all the winter clothes I'd set out -- intending to replace the summer clothes currently taking up all the space in my dresser drawers -- and taking them to GoodWill in five bags as donations while I was away preaching for the Hispanic worship service late Sunday morning, because she didn't hear me say repeatedly that those were NOT discards and not to touch them), but we all managed to stay civil and have some fun times together.

And I'm trying to look on the absence of so many of my sweaters and turtlenecks and heavier slacks and jeans as an opportunity, rather than a shortage. Now I have the fun of trying to figure out what's left to wear, with so many of my tried-and-true favorite outfits for cold weather no longer available!

Positive mental attitude, here -- that's the ticket!
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Some weeks, I get a good chuckle out of "Sleepy Hollow" . . . when they stay far, far away from anything I've ever actually studied seriously.

Sometimes, they even seem to learn from their early mistakes -- for instance I've noticed that they've been careful to say "Revelation" when speaking of the last book of the New Testament instead of the incorrect "Revelations" after that first, teeth-grinding episode.

But just when I thought it was safe to sit back and enjoy the silliness, an episode comes along like last night's, where suddenly they think that people in the 1580's were still speaking MIDDLE ENGLISH instead of Elizabethan English (think closer to SHAKESPEARE, people, not CHAUCER -- you're at least a hundred years too late for Middle English as common speech!). Ack!


How you task me, you silly show, you! :(
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I was glad I finally made the time to see "Pacific Rim" this afternoon, 'cause it was a very effective and affecting giant-monsters-from-the-deep-vs-family-piloted-giant-robots flick!

And that's something I NEVER expected to see myself write! :)

Seriously, if it's still playing inb your city, or is about to open in your local second-run budget theater, and if you've not yet seen it, DO make the effort to watch this on the big screen. It's got more emotional depth and character development than you'd expect, from the previews, and it's ALSO very funny and almost heart-stoppingly scary at times.

(Oh, and don't leave before you've seen the bit at the end of the closing credits. Ron Perlman rules!)

After sitting through the first showing of "Pacific Rim" this afternoon, there wasn't another film starting that I really wanted to see, so I contented myself with watching the last hour of "The Wolverine" all over again (it stands up well to repeated viewing, I must say!), and then caught the second and last showing of "Pacific Rim" all the way through again, in order to enjoy any bits I might have missed the first time through.

It was still fun and watchable the second time through on the same day, so I'm giving it two thumbs up!


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