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Warning: These are my own notes, made for the purpose of reminding myself what I've read and particularly enjoyed in the way of Stargate crossover fics, so there may well be MINOR (for the most part . . . I hope!) SPOILERS contained in just SOME of the descriptions below. So, I'd advise you to skip reading the descriptions and just click on the links to check the stories out for yourself, if you're extremely concerned about plot or relationship spoilers. Otherwise, please enjoy this very incomplete listing of some of the stories I've enjoyed reading and re-reading over the years!

See also my list of SG1/BtVS crossovers (so many that they required a separate post all on their own), list of BtVS crossover fanfic faves UNRELATED to SG1 for all other BtVS crossovers, and list of favorite crossover fics unrelated to BtVS or SG1.

LARGE FONT indicates stories I've re-read and enjoyed multiple times.

[last updated: 4/16/17]


Anita Blake:

-- BALANCING ACT by Mhalachai (well done, mini!Jack-centric):

Avengers (2012):

-- TRAILBLAZERS by PaBurke/Faithburke (Steve Rogers and Jack O'Neill bond at a "We Saved the World" awards reception):

-- SGA fics AVENGERS/SGA series by PaBurke/Faithburke (fluffy; post-SGA-series Sheppard relaxes by working as the Avengers' chopper pilot):
1) "Working Vacation":
2) "Spa Getaway":
3) "Fitness Retreat":
4) "Summer Fling":

Battlestar Galactica:

-- THE FINALES OVERTURE by Freewrite (With some help from SG1 and Thor, the Colonials settle on a new planet in the Milky Way; brief cross with SGA in the last couple of chapters):

-- SGA fic ENCOUNTER AT DAWN by Starbug/JA_Baker (SGA/SG1/BSG; 34 chapters, annoyingly unproofed, but still an engrossing tale; Dr. Weir makes peace between the Colonials and the Cylons in time for them to join with Thor and Gen. O'Neill in battling the Wraith before they can take Atlantis):


-- THE TRIO IN THE TEMPLE by SelDear (Dr. Brennan tries to unravel the mystery of three corpses with evidence of modern medical and dental care found with a bunch of other 5000-year-old bodies in a newly discovered ruined temple to Ra):

Link to Buffy the Vampire Slayer/SG1 Crossover List


-- THIS NEVER HAPPENED by MyNameIsJeffNImLost (1st of a series of three one-shots; post-movies for SG1; Carter has to come to the 12th precinct to rescue her husband's now-20-year-old clone, whom Beckett arrested on suspicion):

Doctor Who/Torchwood:

-- THE ROD OF ASCLEPIUS by MoragMacPherson (Buffy/Tenth Doctor, cross with SG1):


-- ROAD TRIP by NotJana (Sam Carter takes Cassie on a cross-country motorcycle trip, which Cassie secretly routes through Eureka so that Sam can meet her cousin the sheriff):

-- IN 1969, A FAMILY WAS BORN by PaBurke/Faithburke (Sam Carter gave up a baby for adoption in 1969, and years later Sheriff Carter discovers that his family background made him uniquely qualified for Eureka):


-- PATHWAYS by Tassos (37 chapters; 7th-season SG1 has a defective gate connection that accidentally releases them into the reality-spanning, time-spanning network of 'wild' wormholes which only John Crichton seems able to navigate -- set in season 4 for Farscape, after John and Aeryn were shattered by an alien capture beam while kissing in a boat):, or

-- SGA fic TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW series by Tassos (SGA/end of season 3 Farscape; left stranded in space, John Crichton falls through a wormhole and ends up in the SGA 'verse, getting tagged as a 'Runner' by the Wraith and eventually crossing paths with Sheppard's team and finding his way to Atlantis):


-- THE RAGGEDY EDGE by Annerb (wonderful 9-part story that I first read and loved in April 2010; Jack and Sam find themselves stranded and on the run from the shadier side of the Alliance gov't, who are holding Daniel and Vala prisoner in a greedy attempt to figure out how to use Ancient tech; Mal and his crew help out with some thrilling heroics and exceptional thievery): or

-- WE GO ON by Essie/Sentientcitizen (Some suspiciously familiar faces show up through the stargate at the SGC, including not-Dixon and not-Adria):

-- AND NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO REST by PaBurke (Excellent! A couple calling themselves 'Jack and Carter Murray' hire Serenity to haul a big, honkin' cargo to the Rim):

-- RAIDERS OF THE SEVEN SYSTEMS by LtLJ (mainly a well-written SG1/SGA AU fic, with a post-BDM Zoe Washburne from an alternate dimension also stuck in the Pegasus Galaxy and working on John Sheppard's crew of Athosian 'pirates', fighting against the Genii who've replaced the Wraith as the major threat to humans in Pegasus):

Gilmore Girls:

-- UNFINISHED (but still good reading!): PHYSICS OF THE SPIN by Mhalachai (SG1/SGA/GG; post-Yale Rory discovers that Christopher isn't her biological father, after all, and when she figures out who her real dad must be, she begins to study physics and displays such a gift for it that the SGC ends up recruiting her and sending her to Atlantis to join him):

-- JUST A QUICK MISSION by Joshlamont (very amusing multi-cross, with Rory Gilmore as a Slayer infiltrating the SGC and bringing the Scoobies into conflict with the Goa'uld):

Harry Potter:

-- OURS by Scifichick774 (SG1/SGA/HP; Hermione/Ba'al pairing; while undergoing a Wraith attack in the Pegasus Galaxy, Ba'al meets Hermione Granger, who has an unexpected familiarity and connection with his host):

-- SERENDIPITY by sarhea (Hermione/Clone!Jack; on a surprise visit to Colorado Springs, Hermione meets 'Jon Thorsson'... and the rest is some very cool SG1 history!):

-- MAGIC THROUGH THE GATE by Kallanit (eventual Hermione/Harry; After the war, little has changed for Muggleborns in Britain, so Hermione seeks a place where she will fit in and be welcome. She finds somewhere unexpected, where she can feel useful again. When Harry begins to feel equally displaced at home, due to problems arising from being Master of the Elder Wand, she invites him to join her):

-- AH, SCREW IT! by mjimeyg (eventual Harry/Fleur; Harry goes to sleep after the final battle... but he wakes up at his first Welcoming Feast under the Sorting Hat. Harry has been thrown back in time into his eleven-year-old body. If he's going to have suffer through this again, he's going to do all he can to make sure he enjoys himself. Excellent epic, with Ganos Lal encouraging young Harry to take on the Goa'uld and Wraith, since he's gotten Voldemort out of the way so soon.):

-- SGA fic SONGS ACROSS THE OCEAN series by Mhalachai (John Sheppard -- all that's left of the guy formerly known as 'Harry Potter' -- forms a very special relationship with the Ancient city of Atlantis): and sequel

-- SGA fic THIRD LIFE'S THE CHARM by JediButtercup (SGA/HP; another, shorter version of 'Harry Potter IS John Sheppard', this time involving Harry/John's response to the 'Pureblood' Ancients kicking the earth expedition out of the city of Atlantis):


-- CURIOSITY series by HiltonK (Methos reluctantly joins the SGC, and even more reluctantly tells them his real name, eventually):

-- CAT'S EYES by Tasha (Daniel needs help on a translation, which brings Methos and Richie to the SGC's attention, with Goa'uld complications a-plenty):

-- SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE by MarbleGlove (Excellent--in spite of a few proofreading problems here and there; Methos is clone!Jack's pre-Calculus teacher, tries to help him act more like a teenager, draws the SGC's attention, and then has to decide how he and his non-Immortal Student mini-Jack can best protect earth from the Goa'uld):

See also the sequel/epilogue story, SMOOTH AS A RIVER STONE, set a thousand years after the end of the first story:

-- ESCAPE ROUTE and BY ANY OTHER NAME by MarbleGlove (Daniel's reflections on learning that his college roommate Adam Pierson had quite probably faked his own death, and then Sam Carter's discovery -- soon after taking command of Atlantis -- that a mysterious linguist had been working there for two years under a false identity, with Daniel Jackson's connivance, because there was nowhere left on earth for him to hide): and

-- POOLSHARK by Airam4u (really well done 'meet-cute' between Methos and Duncan, on the one hand, and SG1 on the other, which ends with Methos trying to fulfill a vow he'd made to his Teacher 5000 years ago):


-- DISTORTED REFLECTIONS by Lizardbeth and Lowri/Lori Wright (strongly recommended; novel-length fic, highly re-readable, though not short on angst where it's due -- SG1 has a 'Gate accident that leaves them stranded in Jeremiah's reality, where the SGC is instead 'Thunder Mountain' and Marcus Alexander has not yet met the Tok'ra Malek; SG1 must help Marcus and his people to fight against a hidden Goa'uld threat, as well as the vestiges of the Old World trying to enslave the New): index at (also posted in full on Archive of Our Own and see also AO3 address:


-- THE HAWK AND THE DOVE by Rocza (Cute one-shot story in which Jack O'Neill gives Murdoc what he's been asking for, since the whack-job didn't even think to have this 'MacGyver' searched for weapons before locking him in a cage in order to kill him in some elaborate way; a winner in the crossover category of the 2008 Stargate Fan Awards):; can also be found here:

-- X MARKS THE SPOT by MacBeth (MacGyver is working at an archaeological dig, where his estranged cousin Jack O'Neill mysteriously shows up with friends in tow): or -- early installments of this complete fic were read separately as BAD PENNIES by [personal profile] troyswann ( and BAD PENNIES II (

-- GEMINI CROSSINGS by Traycer (Jack O'Neill and MacGyver are unknowingly twins separated at birth; Mac's family is targeted by people who're trying to pressure Jack):

-- WEARDIANS AND WITANS by Cindy Combs (also a major cross with "The Sentinel", as this is the part of her Mac is Blair's father series that adds an SG1 crossover into the mix):

-- PAST, PRESENT, PROLOGUE by MistyC (Sentinel/SG1/MacGyver -- Blair's wife is a sentinel, captured by the NID and taken off-world for study, then rescued by SG1; again, Blair is Mac's son):

-- BLENDED by cat94208 (Young Jack O'Neill meets and becomes host to the Tok'ra symbiote 'MacGyver', and together they take on the new identity of Angus MacGyver, genius troubleshooter and unconventional problem-solver; first six-chapter story is complete, but later stories by this author and another one, attempting to re-do season one of MacGyver from a blended perspective, have been discontinued):


-- SGA fic AGENT AFLOAT, ATLANTIS by Mhalachai (Ziva David gets sent to Atlantis by her father, instead of undercover, following the death of Jenny Sheppard and the dispersion of Gibbs' team; eventually, murders in the Pegasus Galaxy lead to a murder scene in D.C. and a showdown at NCIS):

-- FAMILY TIES by PaBurke (Both Jack and his clone decide to hunt down Ari for killing their cousin Kate Todd):
see also sequel, SCHOOL TIES (mini-crossover with "The Pretender" and "Batman" comics, as well): [update: Wormhole Crossing website went down sometime in 2015, and I've yet to find ANY other location where this series was archived. You can LOOK at the summary but not ACCESS the stories here: ]

-- LOST SOUL by RoczaDeb (Gibbs encounters Clone!Jack -- nominated in the 2008 Stargate fan awards):, or

-- FINDING CLOSURE by RoczaDeb (Gibbs looks into Lt. Aidan Ford's disappearance and encounters Gen. Jack O'Neill): (see also

Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick:

-- ECLIPSE by JediButtercup (SG1 arrive on a very inhospitable planet on the eve of its rare nightfall):


-- CONTACT series by LiastraLee (BtVS/SG1, with "Roswell" crossover joining the party after the initial story; good, meaty series, with some serious length stories as well as one-shots; Dawn Summers/Jonas Quinn):


-- ALIEN NEIGHBORHOOD by PaBurke (Clark and Chloe lend a hand with the battle against Anubis over Antarctica): (or see

-- FAUSTIAN BARGAIN and WAKING UP TOK'RA by Medie (teenager Chloe finds out about the Tok'ra through her uncle Jacob Carter, and discovers that the Tok'ra are extremely interested in a possible survivor from their old ally Krypton): and

-- FINDING A WAY HOME by sydsvaughn/SaraC (Chloe/Lex; 22 chapters, written in 2003; Chloe's maternal grandmother gets in touch with her after 10 years of silence to confess something on her deathbed, causing Chloe and Lex to grow closer together -- especially when it turns out that Chloe's mother's real father was Jacob Carter and that she has living maternal relatives at the SGC):!)-PG-13

-- WHEN HEROES COLLIDE by Canttouchthis87 (vastly inferior to the PaBurke crossover above, and the author has many uncorrected spelling and punctuation problems, but still readable):

-- DESTINY by Debi C1 (Jack and Daniel head to Metropolis to try to figure out how a mace and winged helmet ended up on Daniel's desk in the SGC):

-- KEEPER OF THE LIGHT by mktoronto (really sweet short fic about Daniel visiting Chloe while Ascended, to encourage her to not give up on Clark):

Star Trek (2009):

-- ONE SUCH POSSIBLE JOURNEY by JediButtercup (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Uhura run into a stranded-out-of-time-and-out-of-dimension SG1 and discover many common points of interest): (or see

-- INFINITY BOX by HMaxMarius (BtVS/ST/SG1; Xander, Willow, and Jesse's imaginary 'Star Trek' ship, with Willow in command, becomes a reality for quite a few of their friends and family, as well, during Ethan's Halloween spell):

The Pretender:

-- CLONE TO CLONE by PaBurke (My favorite! Clone!Jack and clone!Jarod teaming up with Cassandra Fraiser in High School): (see also -- the original 14-chapter story is chapter one on, with the 'sequel' as chapter two -- marked 'complete')

-- SAGAN'S DILEMMA by Airam4u (Jarod Sagan lends a hand with several SG1 missions and just narrowly avoids being too "Mary Sue"-ish for my taste):

The Sentinel:

-- WEARDIANS AND WITANS by Cindy Combs (also a major cross with "MacGyver", as this is the part of her Mac is Blair's father series that adds an SG1 crossover into the mix):

-- SG-22 series by Arianna (Blair recruited to SGC, finds world with sentinel rituals based on Maya and Aztec -- this is a series I've re-read several times over the years):
1- “Distant Thunder”:
2 - “Fire and Ice”:
3- “Desert Wind”:

-- MIXED SIGNALS by Lori Wright (Jim's ex-sister-in-law works on an SG team and gets romantic with Malek; if you ignore the archaeologiclal and geographic inaccuracies, it's a fun read):, or

-- LOVELY by Martha (read this in 2006 and loved it, though it was very angsty; recently rediscovered it via web archive):

-- SENTINELS by Sheila Paulsen: (there are two sequel novellas, as well, all available here:

-- ALLIES and GUIDE by Yvonne and Robert McCool (two novella-length fics; very cute bit of Sam/Jim flirting at the end, and Blair/Janet as a quickly established 'ship):

-- SCAVENGER HUNT by D. L. Witherspoon (The SGC needs Blair and Jim in order to win a scavenger hunt for big stakes off-world):, or

-- BIRDS OF A FEATHER by AlecStar (Blair and Daniel are half-brothers, Blair discovers when Naomi finally reveals who his father was; SG1 get drawn into the mystery when Blair starts searching for info on his long-lost half-sibling): [also at TtH:]

-- SENTINEL & GUIDE by LisaRoquin (archived copy of now-removed Sentinel/BtVS/SGA crossover, with Xander as Blair's brother, who turns out to be the much-needed Guide for John Sheppard's newly awakened Sentinel abilities):

-- DARK, STILL WATER by litgal (SG1 come to Cascade while Jim is going through his post-Alex Barnes period of routine hostility towards Blair, and they want to intervene in what seems like an abusive relationship between Sentinel and Guide): [also at ]

-- DOCTOR SANDBURG FINDS A SENTINEL by litgal (Blair works for the SGC, but hears rumors of a man in Cascade with Sentinel-like abilities):

-- SHADOWS OF THE PAST by litgal (crossover with La Femme Nikita, as well -- and rather slashy, as I recall): [also at ]

-- THE IDIOSYNCRACIES OF PREDATORS by Sheilynn (One of my faves; cross with "BtVS" as well as SG1):

-- SGA fic MATERNAL INSTINCTS by LisaF (very short fic explaining so much about Naomi's actions, especially around the final TSbBS):

* * * * *


-- Crossover with "Joan of Arcadia" and MANY OTHERS: THE BATTLE OF TOLLANA by EvilAuthor (

-- Not really a crossover, per se, but I got a major kick out of this one-shot by Meriem Clayton, in which Daniel Jackson and Sam Carter make a romantic connection via STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE FANFIC!:

-- not really a crossover fic in the classical sense, but it's REALLY well done SG1 gen-fic with lots of Serenity/Firefly connections: The Browncoat by Lyore (
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