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[Note: BtVS/Stargate SG1 crossovers, Other SG1 Crossovers, and BtVS/AtS crossovers not involving SG1 are posted separately. Someday, I hope to have a listing of non-crossover fic recommendations to post, mostly based on favorite pairings, but for now I'm tackling the much less daunting task of compiling a list of those few crossover fics that I've read and enjoyed which didn't involve SG1 and/or BtVS.]

Updated 8/16/18


Avengers (2012)/Marvel Movie Universe/Harry Potter:

--"Green Eyes and Red Hair" by fringeperson (Loki[James Potter]/Natasha Romanov[Lily Evans]; pre-Rogue[Marie Potter, the Girl Who Lived]/Logan; James Potter dies in Godric's Hollow in 1981, only to awaken in Asgard, remembering that he is really Loki who had been condemned by Odin's whim to live yet another lifetime as a mortal on earth, but he's not about to let that keep him away from his latest wife and daughter; meanwhile, Nat-as-Lily survives the AK thanks to some Red Room tech, but is knocked out long enough for Dumbledore to kidnap Marie and try to dump her on Petunia; Loki manages to magically connect with Nat and Marie and send Marie to be adopted by a nice couple in Mississippi, while he and Nat work on eliminating the Red Room and reuniting the family in the flesh, rather than just in the dream world; excellent "X-Men" movie/"Avengers"/"Harry Potter" crossover of worlds and characters!):

--"Mischief Managed" by fringeperson ('Professor' Loki takes over Harry's introduction to the wizarding world and school shopping from Hagrid, and that changes everything! The Runes professor becomes Harry's one trusted adult and father figure, keeping Albus' machinations at bay, while Harry spends his school holidays traveling the world and running across future Avengers): (see also one-shot companion/sequel story "Mischief Mastered:

--"Cold" by [personal profile] scifichick774 (pre-Loki/Hermione, possibly to be continued; not-yet-17-year-old Hermione is suddenly orphaned and sent to live with her parents' closest living relative, Agent Phil Coulson, in post-Chitauri New York, where S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Avengers are vainly trying to find some way to control and contain Loki, with the help of some Aurors; only angry, emotionally bereft Hermione seems to be able to magically affect and restrain Loki, and Loki is fascinated by the possibilities):

--"Changing Destiny" by [personal profile] sarhea (Loki/Hermione; in an AU of Thor, Loki meets and is intrigued by Hermione, who's living in the muggle world to escape the pressures and expectations of the post-war Wizarding world; consequently, Loki has someone sane to talk to when he discovers his adoptive status and plans to reunite with her upon his return to Midgard in The Avengers):

--"Finding Home" by cywsaphyre (Harry stopped aging more than ten years ago
and has had to accept the necessity to keep moving every few years, in order to conceal his immortality from the world; however, in his new life as an auto mechanic in NYC he attracts the interest and friendship of Tony Stark, and so the events of the first Avengers movie will play out a little differently):

Avengers (2012)/Smallville:

--"The Trickster and the Reporter" SERIES by [personal profile] sarhea (Chloe/Loki; Chloe winds up in the Marvel universe in time to heal Loki's mind and dramatically alter the events of the first "Avengers" movie):

--"Shield" by [personal profile] scifichick774 (possibly to be continued; AU post-series SV Chloe, who's spent years being 'Watchtower' full-time for the Justice League, is ordered by Emil to take a vacation free from aliens, superheros, and supernatural threats, so . . . she ends up sitting at a cafe in Manhattan during the Chitauri invasion, where she meets Captain America and causes headaches for Fury and serious tech envy for Tony):

Big Bang Theory/Gilmore Girls:

--"Towel Day" by Keiko Noriko (cute one-shot set pre-series for TBBT and sometime after Jess goes out to California to get to know his dad and starts to bond with his sort-of step-sister Lily over the joys of reading Douglas Adams):

Big Bang Theory/Harry Potter:

--"Mortal Goddess" by Scifichick774 (cute one-shot in which Sheldon discovers that his favorite comic book goddess might actually exist):

Castle/Captain America/Iron Man:

--Rogers 'verse SERIES by [profile] faithburke/PaBurke (set after Iron Man 2 and Captain America, but before The Avengers, and at least mid-series for Castle; Steve Rogers discovers that his romance with Peggy Carter has left him with a surprise legacy -- a 69-year-old daughter who adopted his name as her stage name -- and he turns to Pepper Potts and Tony Stark for help in learning more about Martha Rogers and the rest of his new-found family; a series of short fics):

1) "Rogers Do Things the Hard Way": or
2) "Rogers Do It By the Book": or
3) "Rogers Do What They Do and Shut Up About It": or
4) "Rogers Take Care of Their Friends" (White Collar cross): or
5) "(Rogers)Fight for Home" (Joan of Arcadia/Supernatural/Dresden Files cross): or
6) "Rogers Sneak Up on You": or
7) "Rogers Family Secrets":


--"Casey vs. The Family Tree, or Jayne Meets the Parents" by [personal profile] goddessofbirth (Chuck/Sarah, and eventually River/Jayne, John/Ellie; post-BDM, Jayne and River find themselves stranded on early 21st century Earth and in desperate need of help from the Intersect, but why is Jayne Cobb such a dead ringer for John Casey?): [prologue] to [ch. 16] [ch. 17] (see [ch. 18] [ch. 19] [ch. 20] [ch. 21] [ch. 22] [ch. 23] [ch. 24] [ch. 25] [ch. 26] [ch. 27] [ch. 28] [ch. 29] [ch. 30] [ch. 31] [ch. 32] [ch. 33] [ch. 34] [ch. 35] [ch. 36] [ch. 37] [ch. 38] [ch. 39] [epilogue]
(see also the two follow-up short fics "The Heart of the Matter" and "Christening" at

Dresden Files/Star Trek (2009):

--"Sufficiently Advanced Magic" SERIES by [personal profile] jedibuttercup; (post-2009 movie, Kirk, Spock, and Scotty chase a time-travelling criminal to the San Francisco of Harry Dresden's time and discover that they need the Wardens' help to deal with the magical nature of the threat to their future; in the sequel, Dresden's very long lifespan allows him to meet young Kirk and his bridge crew again, in their own time, and show them that magic still exists in their world):; or see the separate stories at and or 1) The Only Logical Conclusion, 2) Is There a Problem, Officer?, 3) Tying up the Loose Ends, 4) Per Aspera Ad Futurum

Firefly/Anita Blake:

--"Different Eyes" by [personal profile] mhalachai; (one month post-OiS, an immortal Anita Blake and her strange family take passage on Serenity in an attempt to get home): or

Firefly/Avengers (2012):

--"The Last Firefly of the Season" by fringeperson; (River Tam, Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes; at the Academy River is instructed in combat -- and dancing! -- by the defrosted warrior she is told to call only "Soldier", but they bond and then break out together eventually, finding passage aboard a Firefly vessel):

--"It Seems to be Powered by Some Sort of Electricity" by [personal profile] jedibuttercup; (post-BDM one-shot for Firefly 'verse, with AU twist to the end of The Avengers -- Tony's return journey through the portal lands him on Serenity, instead of back in NYC): or or

Firefly/Battlestar Galactica (2003):

--"Out of the Black" by [personal profile] rayruz/hazellazer; (goes AU for BSG at the end of season 3, when the Colonial Fleet comes across pre-BDM Serenity just before their intended jump to Earth; learning about "Earth-that-was" and the Unification war from Mal's crew, the Colonials and allied Cylons decide to try to settle quietly on some Alliance worlds, trying to avoid official notice; unfortunately, the fleet's troubles are far from over; Kaylee/Tyrol, among other pairings): or!series:%20out%20of%20the%20black

Firefly/Being Human:

--"Wolves in the Black" by [personal profile] dharkapparition (George has lost Nina and Mitchell in the unification war, and finds a new family when he becomes 'Serenity's new pilot, post-BDM; BtVS' Oz has a cameo appearance in flashback):

Firefly/Big Bang Theory:

--"100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Reaver Equalizer" by Shenandoah76209 (part of a collection of challenge fics, in which Leonard and/or Amy is killed, each about 1500 words; Sheldon and Penny end up joining the crew of 'Serenity'):

--"100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Hands of Blue Execution" by Shenandoah76209 (potential Sheldon/Penny and River/Jayne; Sheldon is Jayne's cousin as well as River's fellow escapee from the Academy):

--"100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: I'd Rather They Were Witches" by Shenandoah76209 (Sheldon/Penny, River/Jayne):

--"100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Fuel Efficiency" by Shenandoah76209 (Sheldon/Penny and River/Jayne; Sheldon is Jayne's cousin and captain of his own ship, called on for help during "Out of Gas"):

--"100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Shindig Conundrum" by Shenandoah76209 (Sheldon/Penny and River/Jayne attend yet another fancy ball, and Mal fears for the worst):

--"100 Ways to Kill a Doctor: Lightening Revelation" by Shenandoah76209 (potential Sheldon/Penny; Penny and Sheldon are both related to Jayne, but not to each other):

WIP--"The Space Angel Angle" by [profile] faythbrady/Fayth3 (potential Sheldon/Penny; one of Sheldon's inventions strands himself and Penny in the distant future, where their only hope of getting home depends on Mal and his crew; not updated since 2011, but still enjoyable): (but see her LJ for chapter 11, never cross-posted to

Firefly/BtVS link

Firefly/Chronicles of Riddick/Pitch Black/Riddick:

--"All the Voices Never Stop" by Shenandoah76209 (River/Riddick; goes AU during "Our Mrs. Reynolds, with River acquiring herself a willing husband with strange eyes):

(See also a lengthy one-shot giving River's POV on their story, "All of Me":

--"Break the Civilized Chains" by Shenandoah76209 (River & Riddick; the sleazier mercs who arrive on Not-Furya during the movie "Riddick" have already taken and abused River for far too long; together, the two 'captives' may turn out to be even more lethal):

(Author has another completed River/Riddick series I've not yet read: Invictus in the Black and its sequel The Ghost & The Darkness)

--"There Your Treasure Lies" by [personal profile] jedibuttercup (River/Riddick, post-Serenity and post-Riddick; one-shot, for now):

--"The Spiral-'verse" SERIES by [personal profile] goddessofbirth (starts out River/Riddick but quickly turns into Jayne/River/Riddick OT3, with Vaako/OFC on the side; seeking a safe place to bury Jack/Kyra's remains, Riddick's Necro ship and crew fall prey to Reavers in a strange corner of the galaxy, but Riddick himself is rescued by River and the rest of the post-BDM crew of Serenity, while Lord Vaako sets out in another ship in search of the missing Lord Marshall Riddick):

0.a) "Emiline" (35-40 years pre-Chronicles of Riddick)
0.b) "The Jully" (Lord Vaako's back-story)
0.c) "Something Else" (Lord Vaako's back-story, 10-15 years before Chronicles of Riddick)

1) "Doppleganger" (River/Riddick)
2) "The Claiming" (River/Riddick)
3) "Sensory" (established River/Riddick, pre-Rayne, NC-17)

4) "Fate" (River/Riddick, with pre-Rayne and pre-Jayne/River/Riddick, 19 out of 20 chapters completed):

20/20 _________________________________________________

5) "The Regent" (Lord & Lady Vaako)
6) "Secure" (River/Jayne, implied River/Jayne/Riddick, NC-17)
7) "Transition" (established River/Jayne/Riddick, NC-17)
8) "Fluid" (established River/Jayne/Riddick, NC-17)
9) "After Party" (established River/Jayne/Riddick, NC-17)
10) "Stakes" (Riddick/Jayne, rated M)
11) "Everyday Ordinary" (established River/Jayne/Riddick)
12) "Clubbing" (established River/Jayne/Riddick)
13) "The Pen" (established River/Jayne/Riddick, fluff)
14) "Control" (established River/Jayne/Riddick, NC-17)
15) "Conversation" (established River/Jayne/Riddick)
16) "Ingredients" (established River/Jayne/Riddick, NC-17)

17) "Water" (pre-Vaako/Sade)
18) "Fire" (Vaako/Sade)
19) "Flint and Tinder" (Vaako/Sade)

20) "Weaves" (Riddick/Jayne, rated M)

21) "Peace" (Vaako/Sade)
22) "Earth" (Vaako/Sade)
23) "Air" (Vaako/Sade, rated M)
24) "Carving Out" (Vaako/Sade)

25) "Rescue" (Jayne/River/Riddick future!fic, set 10 years after "Doppleganger")


26) "On the 15th of May" (Jayne/River/Riddick)
27) "First Night" (Jayne and Riddick and their kids)
28) "Gathering" (Vaako/Sade)
29) "Two Cities" (Vaako/Saade)


--"A Mercenary's Tale" by [personal profile] vandevere (eventual River/Jayne; Goes AU from Firefly canon after the episode "Trash", when it turns out that Jayne is actually a lot younger than he thinks, being the clone of long-dead Colonel John Casey, intended to carry on Casey's fight against alien invaders; this story is actually a sequel to a Chuck/X-Files fic that I haven't yet read, but this tale can be read and enjoyed just fine on its own):


--"Mama Bears" SERIES by Tassos (Another deal has gone sour for Mal, but a pair of rather interesting locals are willing to trade gun-slinging skills for medical help with their young son; Aeryn/Crichton):

Firefly/Harry Potter:

--"Browncoat, Green Eyes" by nonjon (past Harry/Luna, eventual Harry/River; two years after the secret of the planet Miranda was broadcast across the whole 'verse in 2518, the crew of Serenity finally hires a new pilot, but he's much older than he appears and has a mission of his own, in addition to helping River build up her mental shields. Harry Potter is trying to figure out where all the wizards have gone during the hundreds of years he was waiting in stasis for a new dark lord to defeat):


--"From the Ashes" by MarcusSLazarus (Mal/River, Peter/Claire -- goes AU after season 2 for Heroes and is set one year post-BDM in the Firefly 'verse):

Firefly/SG1 link

Firefly/Slings and Arrows:

--"Shiang Jing Ping (or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Shakespeare)" by elementalv (River befriends the ghost of Oliver Wells, after his ancient skull comes into her possession):


-- "The Rarer Action" by Danceswithgary (well-written, explicit Lex/Clark; many years post-series for Smallville, former President Lex Luthor and his best-loved/hated enemy Superman end up stranded too far from Earth and only wake from their time in stasis after 500 years, being picked up by Serenity just in time to add to and slightly alter the events of the BDM):

-- "The Things I Cannot Change" by DarkEmeralds (very well-written Lex/Simon; 'Jor-El' sends Lex far away and 500 years into the future in order to further manipulate Clark, and Lex finds himself recovering on Serenity under the competent and compassionate care of Simon Tam, leading to romance and some surprising developments for both of them):

Firefly/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

--"Until You're Human (88 Drabbles of Double Joy)" by ShyBob (Serenity visits what's left of Earth-That-Was; some Jayne/Cam, some pre-Rayne):

Firefly/The Sentinel FUSION:

--"Old War Horses" by [personal profile] lit_gal (very slashy Jim/Blair, Mal/Jayne; Jim and Blair are fugitives from another experimental arm of the Alliance, reluctantly given passage by Mal in spite of the fact that Jim was a decorated hero on the side of the Alliance during the war): or

Gilmore Girls/Castle:

--"Castle in Stars Hollow" by Deepfriedcake (pre-Castle series, author Rick Castle comes to Stars Hollow and finds a muse in Lorelai, much to Luke's dismay):

Harry Potter/Batman/animated DC universe:

--"Bloodline Legacies" by [personal profile] sarhea (Hermione/Bruce Wayne; Hermione inherits a surprise family legacy of wealth and opportunity, as well as a nasty curse, and must seek out a distant, non-magical descendant of an ancient Scottish wizarding clan in order to save countless lives; as it happens, Bruce Wayne/Batman is just the man she needs, and she's the woman he never knew he needed or believed he'd find):

--"Blessings from Malice" by [personal profile] sarhea (Hermione/Bruce Wayne; Lucius Malfoy and other pureblood fanatics target the wrong 'Mudblood' and the wrong billionaire 'Muggle' in their foul plan to undo every positive change since before the Blood Wars; afterwards, Bruce Wayne and the Justice League discover the wizarding world and a very pissed-off pregnant witch who's absolutely done playing nice-nice with psychopaths):

--"Guardian Angel" by [personal profile] sarhea (Hermione/Bruce Wayne; Bruce's survival against all odds over the decades is explained: he'd always had a guardian spirit named Hermione Granger watching over him; now, if only she could join him in the flesh!):

--"Crossing Paths" by [personal profile] sarhea (pre-Hermione/Bruce Wayne; three times Bruce met Hermione, and vice versa):

Harry Potter/Dragonriders of Pern:

--"The Queen Who Fell to Earth" by Bobmin356 (With even Hermione distancing herself from him, Harry approaches the first Triwizard task as an opportunity to suicide, only to accidentally impress a dragon hatchling and awaken long-dormant memories and sapience in all the dragons of earth):

Harry Potter/Sherlock:

--"Meeting of Minds" by [personal profile] sarhea (Hermione/Sherlock; Hermione plays muggle pub quizzes for fun and profit, saving up so that she can quit the Ministry and pursue her own research for her own profit and satisfaction, but she attracts the interest of Sherlock Holmes, who's just as unusual in his own way as she is):

Harry Potter/Smallville:

--"For Those Who Wait" by [personal profile] sarhea (Hermione/Kal-El; at the beginning of SV season 4 a saner AI Jor-El informs Kal-El about the dangers of magic and encourages him to bond himself to a powerful witch, according to ancient treaty with the Wizarding world; as a result, Hermione has Clark Kent 'on call' during Voldemort's resurrection in "The Goblet of Fire", which changes HP canon quite a lot):

The Hobbit/Harry Potter:

--"The Dragon's Pet" by [personal profile] sarhea (Hermione/Smaug, female!Bilbo/Thorin; after an untimely death in her own dimension, Hermione is recruited by the Valar to redeem Smaug the dragon, and later help to build bridges between Hobbits, Dwarves, Humans, and Elves, in preparation for the coming war against Sauron; lots of cute references to Benedict Cumberbatch's OTHER roles along the way):

House M.D./Smallville:

--"Rich Man's Darling" by LastScorpion (Clex; Lex Luthor insists that House diagnose and save his ailing lover, Superman!): or

Lois & Clark/BtVS link

Lois & Clark/Highlander/Batman:

--"Nine Lives" by MarcusRowland (Someone is leaving headless corpses in Metropolis and Lois and Clark set out to investigate, unaware that their own Cat Grant may actually be a lot older than she looks; meanwhile, Bruce Wayne conducts his own investigation from a different angle): or


--"Secrets" by [personal profile] phoenixnz (S7 for SV and S5 for NCIS; Chloe uncovers information suggesting that her mother was born Moriah David, sister of Eli, and comes to see Ziva at NCIS in Washington, hoping for more information; when Chloe is kidnapped -- again! -- Gibbs and team insist on taking the case, which leads to some interesting confrontations with Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen, Clark Kent, and Senator Martha Kent . . . who happens to be just Gibbs' type): or

Pitch Black (Chronicles of Riddick)/BtVS link

Pitch Black/Firefly:

--"A Firefly in the Pitch Black" by [profile] shadowglove88 (River/Riddick; Kaylee and River are traveling incognito on the Hunter-Gratzner, and when they crash on a monster-filled planet, things get even more complicated for River Tam): (see also the sequel "Baby on Board", only on or

Smallville/Batman (books):

--"The Oak and the Cypress" by [personal profile] mirtai_amazon (beautifully written Clark/Lex slash; epic 'Clex' fic written in 2002-3, crossed with the "No Man's Land" story arc from Batman comic books ca. 1999-2000; goes AU mid-S1 for Smallville, when Clark confesses his love to Lex, and they begin to weave their destinies together as lovers and heroes, with a little help from Bruce Wayne & Co.): or

--"The Bachelor" by [personal profile] scifichick774 (Chloe/Lex; Lana Ross signs workaholic Gotham City journalist Chloe Sullivan up as a contestant on a version of "The Bachelor" without her knowledge, and Lex loses a bet with Bruce Wayne; the only question left is whether their friends or a masked villain who's obsessed with Chloe will pose the greater threat to their televised wedding plans):

Smallville/Blood Ties:

--"Bloodville" SERIES by [profile] shadowglove88 (Chloe Sullivan/Henry Fitzroy; immediately post-series for BT and many years post-series and AU for SV, Henry moves to Metropolis to get away from Vicky and meets the much-older-than-she-looks metahuman and supernatural problem-solver Chloe Sullivan, whom he finds irresistible, despite his aversion to the magic she practices): or see story listings at

Smallville/BtVS link


--"Out of Place" by [profile] dannyblue (AU SV mid-season 3;grown-up Chris gets temporarily trapped in a dimension not his own, but finds unexpected comfort and help among the Kents of Smallville, KS, and friends like Lex Luthor, while his pregnant mother and young aunts search for him):


--"Things Change" by [profile] dannyblue (AU SV mid-season 2; Chloe suffers a fatal accident and discovers she's Immortal, thanks to an older Immortal who happens upon her by accident a day later and becomes her teacher; meanwhile, someone is strangling petite blonde co-eds in Metropolis): or, There's also 10 chapters of a never-finished sequel, "A Highlander in Smallville":

--"And Having Perhaps the Better Claim" by Princess Nat (AU SV early season 5; Lex receives a surprise visit from an Immortal named 'Adam', who tells him he actually HAD died from drowning in the pilot episode and offers to become his teacher . . . IF Lex is willing to turn aside from the path he's now on, which leads to a dark place Methos knows only too well):

--"Time for a Change" by Princess Nat (AU SV future; written Spring 2004; Lex decides to leave his life as "Luthor" behind him, rather than continue the ongoing war with Lionel and putting up with the distrust of Clark/Superman, so he enlists the aid of his old friend Bruce Wayne in clearing his desk before picking up a new/old identity):

Smallville/Justice League:

--'Chapel of Love' SERIES by Wendi (Chloe Sullivan/Wally West; delightful series which almost convinces me that The Flash might just be able to keep up with Chloe; Clark/Lex and Clark/Lois triangle kind of assumed in the background, but the highlight is the way the author perfectly captures Michael Rosenbaum's quicksilver delivery of Wally's lines and thought processes in the animated JL and JLU):

1) Who's That Girl?:
2) Do You Take Sugar?:
3) Secret Garden:
4) You Have New Mail:
5) Summer Breeze:
6) Sugar and Spice:
7) One Phone Call:
8) Sweet Embraceable You:
9) Chilling:
10) Checking It Twice:
11) Your Precious Love:

Smallville/Lois & Clark:

--"Super Switch" by Superag/MSCIBET (WIP; Chloe and Lex end up body-swapped with L&C's version of Lois and Clark):

--"Fork in the Road" by PMD (Chloe/Lex; AU Smallville fic using Tempus and H.G. Wells characters from L&C; Tempus tries to 'set things right' by removing Chloe so that Lex will go back to being a bad guy and Clark's enemy, instead of his close friend/family, and Lex has to fight for his chosen future):


FUSION--"The Phoenix" by [personal profile] phoenixnz (Clark/Lex; a Smallville story styled after season one MacGyver, including the obligatory "Opening Gambit", with Clark Kent filling the Angus MacGyver role, Brainiac taking on the role of Murdoc, and Lex Luthor as a much sexier Pete Thornton-type who gave up the life of a playboy to work for The Phoenix Foundation): or

Smallville/Pirates of the Caribbean:

--"Curses!" by [personal profile] scifichick774 (Chloe/Jack Sparrow, with Chloe/Lex UST; a golden artifact Jack Sparrow is in the process of stealing turns out to be more alien than he can imagine, and sends him to Smallville in the 21st century, where he becomes enamored with a decidedly dangerous Chloe Sullivan, much to the irritation of Lex and Clark; sexy story, with lots of dark humor and a hint of possible Chlex still to come in the future/past):

Smallville/The Pretender:

--"Somebody Save Me" by sydsvaughn/SaraC (Chloe/Lex; Jarod/MissParker; 16 chapters, written in 2003, just after the SV season 2 episode "Exodus" aired, and goes AU from there; Chloe overhears Helen Bryce and Lionel conspiring to kill Lex on his wedding day, but is unable to warn Lex in time and Clark has already gone AWOL on red kryptonite, so she must call in a favor from Jarod to rescue Lex herself; as Chloe and Lex grow closer together, they and Jarod learn that Lex's death is part of a larger plot by Lionel Luthor and The Centre to clone an army of meteor-enhanced Pretenders):!)-PG-13

Smallville/SG1 link

Smallville/The Sentinel:

--"Restless Spirits" by [profile] dannyblue (AU SV early season 3, with slight crossover references to TS; returning to Smallville after months of isolation on the island, Lex finds his senses going haywire, with only friend-of-a-friend Chloe Sullivan able to pull him out of his zone-outs): or


--"Captain Jack Comes to Smallville" by DWDuck (delightfully AU SV season 8 & TW/DW post-Children-of-Earth, with Jack lending the young heroes a helping hand; Jack/Chloe, Clark/Lois): (or see

Star Trek (2009)/Harry Potter:

--"Reaching for the Stars" by Sarhea (eventual Hermione/nu!Kirk; second and major story in a brief series, where Hermione -- after a short jaunt to the JLU universe to work with Batman in the first story -- ends up going on a one-way mission to the Star Trek reboot universe, shortly after the end of the first movie, in order to track down the last and most depraved of the escaped Death Eaters):

FUSION--"Two Becoming One" by [personal profile] sarhea (eventual Hermione/nu!Spock; Hermione is a 23rd-century witch, trained in magic on the non-Federation world Avalon, but also dedicated to the study of science; her mathematical break-through leads to her working closely with Spock to develop a prototype defensive weapon, which makes all the difference when the Enterprise battles the Narada over Vulcan; minor fusion with "Numb3rs" also):

--"Q's Gift" by [personal profile] sarhea (Hermione/nu!Spock; Q decides Hermione Granger is messing up the timeline given her tendency to fight for underdog causes, so he drops her in the future to be found by young James Kirk. To stir the pot, he also leaves a trail of bread crumbs for the House of Surak... clues to help T’Pau’s descendants identify a singularly unique human female with great power, rare abilities, and a driven intellect. Then one day Spock meets a woman who could be the model for a painting created long before his father was even born, a human who was More. Having lost his mother to Nero he is unwilling to let a woman who soothes his soul to walk away without making a claim on her):

Star Trek (TOS)/Star Trek (2009):

--"What Makes the Men We Are" by [personal profile] jedibuttercup (one-shot in which Original Series Kirk has a disturbing encounter with his much younger self and bridge crew from the alternate timeline/universe): or or

Teen Titans/Young Justice/Smallville:

--"The Family" SERIES by Mara/Mara-Greengrass (Chloe-centric, with eventual surprise pairing; goes AU from Smallville canon in mid-season 4 but is set 10 years post-High School for Chloe and Clark; in an AU where Clark never got around to officially letting Chloe in on his secret, the sudden introduction of suspiciously Clark-like teenager Connor Kent into Smallville makes Gotham-based reporter Chloe Sullivan curious, leading to hijinks and an eventual PR job for Chloe working with the Justice League of America and their Teen Titan auxiliary, much to Batman's apparent displeasure): (or see,, and
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